Loungers beware....

A Lounger recently sent me scans of a watch the genuity of which he was not certain.  Fakes are often very very obvious but the movement finish of this one struck me. It was not a piece of sh**t but almost finished to the same levels of a low-medium end brand!

Loungers beware....

The long and short of it is that counterfeiters are getting better and better so always be sure where and from whom you're buying.

For those in doubt I can never advise enough reading Shady Joe's Guide to Spotting a Fake VC click here to see the post. Its witty but full of truth.
As they say buy the seller, not the watch.
08/12/2008 - 18:46
Fakes are very good nowadays...have seen some top Panerai fakes, enough to fool anyone with cash but without knowledge.
Re: As they say buy the seller, not the watch.
08/13/2008 - 00:45
AMEN! [nt]
Makes you appreciate the work they did on the Quai de L'ile even more!
08/13/2008 - 01:20
Agreed, the QDL will pose serious challenges...
08/13/2008 - 01:54
for the producers of the fakes but given enough time and especially if the watch becomes a major commercial success, then I would not be surprised if they eventually find a way to create some reasonable facsimile.  In a perverted way, the rising quality of the fakes has been an impetus to the industry as it has helped to spur on the efforts of the manufactures to raise their game and fight back.  The proverbial silver lining in a large, troublesome cloud... Thankfully, the only fake VCs that I have seen were of such a pathetic quality that they would make a Casio (no offense to Casio and the happy and proud owners of their timepieces ) look like haute horlogerie.  As has been said, buy only from people that you trust.  Caveat emptor! Duncan
For me the counterfeit language re the QDI is marketing gimmick in
08/13/2008 - 12:23

describing one hell of an awsome dial. I mean how many of us actually walk around with a dark lamp to check the invisible signs on the dial? However when counterfeit watches were just 20$ junk and could not fool anyone it was OK but  the problem comes from the fact that counterfeit watches are getting better and better and more expensive and the the non WIS can be easily fooled thinkink he's getting the real thing because he's dishing out real $.

What, you don't Alex? I thought we all did that... :-) (nt)
08/14/2008 - 01:18
Vulnerable Vacherons
08/13/2008 - 03:01
Not only do casual watch enthusiasts have to beware of poor imitators, now they have to worry about mediocre imitators as well 
Re: Loungers beware....
08/13/2008 - 07:10
Thanks Alex for sharing this valuable information. Did enjoy reading Shady Joe's perspective, pretty amusing. Appreciated!! Matt
Vintage fakes
08/13/2008 - 11:28
Other threats for loungers are vintage VCs made of different spare parts and that are not original watches. This happened to me lately with a german auction house through eBay, selling me an UNGETRAGEN vacheron but it was what we calld a "frankenwatch". After monthes of emails the "company" send me back a check to reimburse me but there was no money on their bank account ! The only way to avoid that, is to verify the part numbers written on the case , movement and dial and ask VC through their very helpfull and kind archives' department. Strange things are happening in Watch country ! enjoy summer ! Bernard
same here...
08/13/2008 - 18:07
I bought a vintage VC once, which had a genuine movement, but a strange dial. I didn't know much about VC at the time and I trusted the dealer (who wasn't a VC expert either). We both knew the movement was genuine, no doubt at all. So I bought the watch and sent the numbers to VC who then replied that indeed the case/dial were fake, but the movement was genuine. I believe fakers can make a lot more money by trying to get genuine movements and faking dials.
One minor point...
08/13/2008 - 19:34
although it is more true of pocket watches. At the turn of the century as well as before and for some years after, retailers would import the watch movements and have the cases made locally. They are hallmarked as such. The dials and movements are genuine though. This was done to avoid import taxes on assembled watches. I know the same is true of some wrist watches with respect to those sold in Argentina. I know it affects GP but I'm not sure about VC. Retailers there to avoid duties imported the watches (movement and dial) and had cases made in the country. I don't know when this practice stopped but it did go on until well into the 1960's. JB
true but
08/13/2008 - 19:48

You are correct Joseph, however these watches are not Franken watches as they are recognized by VC as having cases made by their importer (often with a specific VC related hallmark). Unfortunately today even a knowledgable WIS can be fooled by fake vintage watches with even fake movements but which look good enough to be the real thing Would you believe that the movement below is actually a fake?!

Very scary indeed...
08/18/2008 - 22:31

I'm OK with the "fake market" as long as both parties know what's on offer (I have no problem with somebody paying $5 for a fake Rolex). But when the quality of the fakes are getting that good that the buyers can be fooled, than it becomes very dangerous...