Loungers, so what do you all think of this 'plain simple



Excellent idea kk, BUT to respect
09/12/2014 - 17:15

collectors who have (will have) the 1731 MR it is unacceptable.

A derivative version in another VC collection should be very nice.

My 2cents,


Liger I do not quite understand your post.
09/12/2014 - 19:58


my mistake
09/12/2014 - 20:06

I find this design very nice and love it. 

I have wrongly understood that you are thinking of another "simple" model (without MR).




Re: Loungers, so what do you all think of this 'plain simple
09/13/2014 - 10:56

It's a stunning piece but I would have prefered it without small seconds. The sub-dial position (too close to the center imo) gives unfortunately the feeling that the caliber is a bit small vs. case diameter.

The stuff that dreams are made off...one more 1731 picture.
09/14/2014 - 09:57


This 1731 is perfect. Perfect diameter, perfect thickness,
09/14/2014 - 10:04

perfect dial, and perfect caliber size. The off center seconds dial is needed to differentiate this as something extraordinary. Reducing the baton hour lengths and making the subdial farther away would make the dial look unbalanced.

I feel the subdial makes gives this piece a bit of a twist / flair.

I cannot imagine any brand offering to show a minute repeater in such an enthusiastic and friendly way as VC boutique Singapore did for me.

Sound was great; not that I have much experience listening to these halo pieces.  But it is a divine moment when you see, fell, touch, and wear this, as one is essentially in the presence of the very pinnacle / halo of horology.  It does not get any higher than this.