Magazine article: "A Half Million Past the Hour"

The magazine "Departures" is sent to everyone who has a platinum American Express card.  In its May/June 2007 issue there is a full-page article on VC's Platinum Maîtres Cabinotiers Skeleton Minute Repeater.  Due to its price tag of US$507,000 the article is entitled "A Half Million Past the Hour".

Most of the page is devoted to VC's computer rendering of this watch with some tidbits of information.  Only 15 were made.  It took 2,000 hours to "build" each watch (I assume they meant to make the parts) and another 320 hours to assemble its 330 components.  Loungers will know the other details in the article like, for example, just what a minute repeater is.  Curiously the story says the hand engravings on the movement parts were done by a master "who was inspired by the crescent shapes in the design of the Eiffel Tower."

Well, this watch is stunning beyond belief and all I can go is drool and dream about it.  And besides all the marvelous wonders found inside the watch, what pretty lugs it has.  Perhaps Alex might have a scan of this masterpiece to share with the Loungers.  I also think this article being found in a high-end magazine demonstrates that the world around us is awakening to VC's resurgence in the marketplace

Magazine article: "A Half Million Past the Hour" Nicholas

your wish is my command: Cabinotiers skeleton minute repeater platinum
08/22/2007 - 10:53

click on the photos for a larger view

Wow! Thanks, Alex. Even the view from the back is extraordinary.
08/22/2007 - 17:21


just one word: PER-FEC-TION!!
08/22/2007 - 22:07


stunning, are the gongs blue? I'm not sure any other brand could
08/22/2007 - 23:11

make a piece of art like this. Bravo VC

Two things I don't have.
08/23/2007 - 00:20

Platinum card and VC skeleton minute repeater.

If I was forced, I cose the watch

One thing I have, and worned some times last weeks,

is this, and it's an amazing feeling.

You actually don't feel it at all, since it's so thin and curved.

And it's quite clean....or?

Not Platinum, just WG, but that's good enough

Otherwise I only have some VISA and Mastercards ,

20 years ago I had American Express Gold Card,

when it was the top of the line,

but in Europe,sorry to say, it's quite hopeless to use!

 Anyhow soon, hopefully, I will have the most exclusive of them all,

The VC Loungers Card !!


Well said, Doc!!
08/23/2007 - 03:55

We missed ya, Doc!

I used to get the magazine "Departures" when my wife had her AMEX PT, but we've since terminated that in favor of a gold AMEX for me .  Yes, it was a downgrade, but we did so when AMEX had a special promo for new gold card members (5 times the points on first month purchases).  That's when I bought my Toledo 1952 and PP ref. 5146 !  So, I may not get "Departures" (the magazine) anymore, but I certainly earned a heap of credit card points which can be exchanged for free international flight "departures"!!  Not a bad trade-off really .

As to the watch, I have never heard an actual VC minute repeater so I can only imagine how beautiful the chimes must sound, but even from pictures, I can appreciate the excellent craftsmanship VC puts into its skeleton models. It would really be nice to have a more affordable skeleton model (at 38mm) some time.

the time only skeleton Malte models might fit your bill Kazumi
08/23/2007 - 10:23

Two issues with the current time only Malte SQ
08/23/2007 - 18:01

While the skeletonizing (of the 1120 at that) is to die for, I think the 35.5mm case is a little too small for today's standards.  Plus, I am the kind of idiot who can't tell the time unless the dial has indexes - which is what I like about the above-mentioned minute repeater, and the new traditionelle QP SQ.  It would also be interesting to see a skeletonized variant of the in-house cal. 2450.

I don't have any info but I do gather that sometime down the road we
08/23/2007 - 19:37

will see something in that line in the Patrimony model range

Doc, that watch oozes class & style. It's a keeper. nt
08/23/2007 - 17:47