Maison Vacheron Constantin in Shanghai

Dear Fellow Loungers,

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dan Shao at the Maison Vacheron Constantin in Shanghai one evening earlier this week.  It was great to see him finally after many interesting discussions in this forum.  In addition to viewing the vintage watches on display at the Maison, I was also very privileged to see Dan's own personal collection of V&C timepieces!

Maison Vacheron Constantin in Shanghai

We also had the opportunity to meet with Alex, the in-house service technician.  He graciously put aside his busy schedule to make a quick assessment of my vintage 6272.  He placed it under a microscope so I could marvel at the movement.  For the first time, I saw the inner workings of the 1002 movement...and what a beauty it was!

He also put my watch into a measuring device (I think it was called a chronoscope?) and corrected the speed (after 50 odd years, my watch was about a minute fast). 

Afterwards, the three of us went upstairs to a club for drinks on the terrace. 

Thanks to Dan and Alex for a wonderful way to complete my stay in Shanghai.  I hope this was the first of many meetings with other Loungers!

Maison Vacheron Constantin in Shanghai

Best regards

Great to finally meet you James!
10/30/2009 - 02:07
I loved seeing your vintage piece and thanks for letting me try on your Dual Time OS.  I'm glad you got back to Christchurch alright.  I just back to Beijing last night myself.  Alex K. is a great gentleman and I am extremely happy that he is in Shanghai!  I think its a VC requirement that all people employees name Alex must be wonderful. Best Regards, Dan
this is the best part of this hobby, getting to meet and make
10/30/2009 - 11:37