The "making of" the unique Dove watch made for Only Watch 2011

As you know Vacheron Constantin will be participating again this year at the Only Watch auction to be held on Sept 23 by Antiquorum. The proceeds of the auction will go to research against muscular dystrophies.

This year's unique piece donated by Vacheron Constantin is a piece from the Metiers d'Art  merging, engraving, engine turning, enamelling and gem setting.

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Here are some photos of the making of:

First the design team worked on the drawing and created a 3D

Next step was to engrave a gold base plate as to create the motifs for the enameller (champlevé method). The utmost attention was given to each step as for each artisan had to work with immense concentration as not to spoil what the previous artisan had done!

the enamel being applied

one ofthe dove's being gem set

the guillochage of the doves

Only Watch Dove

Only Watch Dove

Only Watch Dove

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