Hello to every one of you MALTA CROSS
I am interesting to buy a VC Patrimony Contemporaine manual wind in RG and I have one question to make ? I went to an original dealer in order to see the watch and this shop had two pieces of this model. The curio think was that the one piece had bigger Maltese cross than the otherMALTA CROSS. I see some scans in the forum and i notice that the cross in this model is like the pt 950 model or like the special rose gold + black dial + brow strap that mr Alex Ghotbi sowed as at his post. Is this normal?? Can the specify piece to be faulty from the lab?? Also the strap and the stitching in this piece was more soft and seems have better quality than the other!!

Thank you very much in advance.

welcome to the Lounge Vasilis. The difference in size could be
10/09/2007 - 19:21

due to a simple upgrade of the design and you probably saw two models from different periods. Same with the strap could be from two different makers or one strap had been used more at the dealers.

hope this helps