Malte Chrono Dial Concern

Folks - I'm still pretty new to the forum.  My only post was a month ago when I was debating between the Malte and Patrimony Chron.  I picked up a Malte and have really happy with it.  Flying home tonight, I noticed I have two 8s on the dial.  One is where there should be a 4.  I don't understand why it would have that and can't find any other dials on the Internet that have this.  I'm a bit worried about the watch now.  


I have attached some pictures, as best as I can take with my iPhone, to get some feedback and thoughts.  I'm going to be taking the watch to the VC dealer here this weekend.



looks like you have a unique piece!!!! I'm surprised that this could have
01/08/2016 - 10:04

passed QC but if the case and movement numbers match that of the paperwork then it seems that you got somethng of a unique piece!!!!

Re: Malte Chrono Dial Concern
01/08/2016 - 10:07

looks like a Bespoke model for an asian collector 

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 = lucky




that makes sense, the 4 was removed intentionnaly as it is an
01/08/2016 - 11:44

unlucky number in Chinese tradition

Re: that makes sense, the 4 was removed intentionnaly as it is an
01/08/2016 - 11:56

The movement and case numbers on the document match the watch.  A bespoke VC dial?  I didn't know that was even possible.  I have also reached back out to the dealer I bought it from and he is looking too.  I guess he didn't notice it either.

Re: Re: Malte Chrono Dial Concern
01/08/2016 - 13:54

88888888 = luckier stil...

01/08/2016 - 14:35

8 eight  wink

Good one.

Do you get to choose the case number on a bespoke piece?
01/08/2016 - 14:44

16777216 would be a nice choice here - 8 to the 8th power

for a Bespoke mathematician's watch
01/08/2016 - 15:14


Re: Malte Chrono Dial Concern
01/08/2016 - 12:01


Does it not looks like that the 8 does not line up with the 20 min marker - leading me to beleive that the former owner made this unique piece himself :-)



Re: Re: Malte Chrono Dial Concern
01/08/2016 - 12:03

Hmmm... yeah, the 8 isn't aligned right.  Grrr....

Coming soon...the movie!
01/08/2016 - 19:05

Coming soon...the movie!

01/08/2016 - 20:20

I saw once the engraving on a retrograde reporting: "Vacheron Constanitn" but that was clearly a mistake.

The inclination and the poisitioning of the two 8 is different as the first (applied instead of 4) is closer to the counter than the other one.

Lately, a ref. 3710, aka "lucky 13" was auctioned and its particularity was highly rewarded.


Re: Interesting
01/08/2016 - 20:36

I'm just shocked that someone would do such shoddy job on such a nice watch... or even bother to begin with.  Where does one even find a spare "8" for a VC Malte Chrono?  Getting this transaction reversed and moving on.