Malte Chrono Strap Question

Firstly, thanks for such an excellant forum.  I've been eagerly reading through the posts over the last few days, and there really is a wealth of information here. 

I purchased a pave cased egerie for my wife last year and have decided that it is high time I got a Vacheron as well.  I'm leaning towards a Malte Chrono (ref 47120) in Rose gold, but I'm running into a couple of issues regarding the strap. 

I first saw the watch about 18 months ago, and I'm certain that it had a cognac colored SHINY croc strap (the strap was original as well, not a Camille Fournot).  I went to see a chrono today and it had a plain brown MATT croc strap.  I know matt croc is very popular at the moment , but I'm just not a fan.  

Could someone tell me if Vacheron have changed the 'standard' strap that this watch comes with. 

My second question relates to the strap buckle.  Is it possible to purchase a rose gold deployment clasp for the watch (are there different sizes of clasp & will it require a new watch strap).  A rough price indication of the clasp would also be really helpful.

Many Thanks in advance for any insights
Re: Malte Chrono Strap Question
07/12/2009 - 02:38
Who better to ask than The Vacheron Concierge Service. They are in New York and customer service is their game!  Their pricing is more than competative. Good Hunting, Miki
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07/12/2009 - 11:44

dealer to order any kind and color of strap for your watch, the strap color that comes with the watch is just a suggestion so its really not an issue to have it changed to something more of your liking.

It is also possible to purchase a deployant clasp which normally will not require a strap change, I don't have the price but as Miki sais you can eithe contact the Concierge service (on VC web site) or ask your AD.

Hope this helps and please do post scans and impressions once you get the Malte!

Similar issue for me...............
07/14/2009 - 21:43

I bought a RG Malte Chrono about 2 years ago and didn't like the original strap (color mostly not the matte) and after about 6 months I bought a dark Blue VC Strap (Matte) and I love it!  It brought the chrono hand to life.  I love the watch and I believe you will too! Here are a few pictures (not the greatest but they might help)  I know maybe not your taste but IMO a great combo!! Best of Luck!! Tom

Re: Similar issue for me...............
07/14/2009 - 22:44
Tom, Thanks for sharing the photos...The watch looks beautiful :-) and I do like the color, in fact if I were to choose a matte strap it would be dark blue or dark grey. Mikki & Alex Thanks for the information.  I contacted the Concierge service and got a super speedy reply from Daniel & then spoke with Janeth at VC's office in New York who was incredibly helpful.  Really first class customer service.  I'm going to savour every moment of getting this watch Jason
My pleasure Jason....................
07/14/2009 - 22:47
and please keep us posted on the final configuration!! Tom