Malte Chronographe

Apologies if this has already been aired.

I may be mistaken but my understanding is the Malte Chronographe uses a Lemania based movement (same as the PP 5070 albeit devoid of Gyromax and free-sprung balance). 

Given the rumours/expectations around Nouvelle Lemania at some point in the near future ceasing supply of their calibres to non Swatch Group houses, are we likely to see the discontinuation of this fine ref.47120 in its present form?  If so what will replace it - the new JLC movement?

Many thanks in advance  G.

All I can say is you will soon see an inhouse Vacheron Constantin
10/03/2007 - 10:51

chronograph caliber and it truly is worth the wait

Inhouse Vacheron Constantin
10/03/2007 - 11:12


Will it be a manual wind or auto?

When you say soon will it be this year or next?

Also does the malte chrono have the geneva seal?



I can't say more on the chrono other than yes it will have
10/03/2007 - 11:20

the Geneva Seal. Regarding G's question on the Malte Chrono recent history has shown that VC houses its inhouse calibers in new models and I would therefore guess that the new chrono movement would be in a new model and not in the existing Malte chrono. My gut feeling would be to see the movement in a Patrimony Contemporaine chrono and that would be a killer!!

Re: I can't say more on the chrono other than yes it will have
10/03/2007 - 17:15

V.interesting.  Thanks again Alex. 

Is this likely to be all in house or a derivative on another Richemont offering (e.g. JLC, IWC)?  Do you think it will be lateral or vertical clutch design?  G.

100% inhouse because if derived from what the other brands
10/03/2007 - 17:26

in Richemont have to offer it wouldn't be inhouse would it ?

In terms of lateral or vertical clutch I don't know which option will be chosen.

When I saw this post ...
10/03/2007 - 23:44

...and this other post:

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Like you, i would like to see the future in-hosue chronograph caliber in the actual Malte Chronograph case

10/04/2007 - 10:29

When I saw this video...
10/05/2007 - 20:18

Fred, what a performance for this kid to shout during 4:15 min...


I hope we will see this new marvellous chrono soon before (and without) reaching that high level of crisis...!!!

Cheers, Patrice