Masterpiece Salon London

Visited the Masterpiece Salon today, courtesy of VC and The Hour Lounge. I met Celine, VC's UK rep, and a rep from Marcus (v.exclusive retailer in Bond Street, London). Both were really welcoming, showing me everything they had on display...and what a set of marvels! The maki-e watches have to be seen to be believed; the finish on the dials is breathtaking. Also saw the Historique 1955 ultra-fine and was even more amazed: the dial is good, but the movement is just sensational. What else? Oh yes, cal 2755 was impressive and the man from Marcus was wearing a Patrimony two dial chrono, which is as near to perfection as a watch comes. Celine mentioned that it's taking VC time to produce a chrono movement because it has to be at least as good as the Lemania one and it's not proving easy.

On another note, saw a display of de Bethune watches at the Patrizzi stand and was again made to feel like a VIP by the charming owner's son, who took lots of time to show me everything. Their watches were stunning too; totally the opposite of VC but genuine works of art. I've got my eye on a DB025. Also v. impressed by DB15, with a beautiful 3D moonphases display. 

Anyway, thanks to VC, Alex, Celine (and my very patient kids and wife, who waited patiently by!!)
Re: Masterpiece Salon London
06/27/2010 - 20:14
did you take any picture?
Re: Masterpiece Salon London
06/27/2010 - 20:27
Was there as well, courtesy of Alex (thank you again) No photos (camera left at the entrance) but an absolute feast for the eyes. De Bethune took my breath away as well. The people on the Vacheron stand were a bit busy (very good for them) and with a 4 1/2 yo in tow you cannot spend as much time as you might like, but on top of the superb maki-e lacquered dials you also have the 2009 "Les Masques" collection as well as 2 "Grands voyageurs", Marco Polo and Mercator. I really liked how you could focus on the dials, which have such a strong emphasis at VC. But for everyone who can spare 3 or 4 hours in London, please visit: You have Renoir and Sisley, Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari, Picasso and Warhol, Desk and Mantel clocks from the 18th Century, Chinese art... Absolutely breathtaking, with amazing efforts by all stands to create a distinctive atmosphere in tune with their art.
glad you enjoyed it, any scans? On a side note I'm a huge fan of
06/28/2010 - 11:49
DeBethune love their movements and the 3D moonphase is amazing
Re: glad you enjoyed it, any scans? On a side note I'm a huge fan of
06/28/2010 - 12:43
Staff asked for the camera to be checked-in with the bag... Not sure if the stands would have objected but it was too late by then. De Bethune was quite a shock I must say. I fell in love with the DBS, the Vetrois and the amazing DBL, with that mirror polished blued Titanium dial with gold stars recreating the sky of whichever date, time and place. Oh, and the saphire hands with blued steel contour, the reticulating lugs, not to mention the technology and innovations in the calibres... And the time Alessandro Zanetta gave us... It reminded me of the Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris but in a much more quiet environment, having chosen the date wisely (England vs Germany )
the DBLM is just...
06/28/2010 - 13:02
drop dead gorgeous
WOW!!!! NT
06/28/2010 - 13:58