The meaning of the Cross

Dear Alex, DOC and JohnLy,

DOC's revealing of his Pop's cuff links (I was impressed) got me thinking on the meaning of the Maltese Cross.... not a true rendering of VC's.  Is VC's hallmark a representation of the "Geneva Drive" or the "Soverign Military order of Malta"(SMOM)?  The "Geneva Drive" seems to be simply a description of a timepieces' mechanism, circa 1750.  DOC's Pop's cuff links seem to remark the man's  devotion to the 8 pts of the cross, i.e., Loyalty, Piety, Frankness, Glory & Honour, Contempt of Death, Helpfullness toward the Poor and Sick, and Respect for the Church.  The Knights Templar/Hospitaller on the original great seal of the Covenant of St. John in Jerusalem centered on a simple red cross (circa 1715) makes a statement.   

Many have copied the "Geneva Drive".  What is the meaning of VC's 4-sided cross?  Is there one? 

When I look at quality; I seek meaning and virtue - "good faith" that cannot be quantified and that's what makes VC unique.  All eight of the points of the Cross seem virtuious and meaningful, I dimwittedly asociated VC HL with them.  Y'all have a very select membership.  As I comented prior, you have fantastic gate keeper in Alex.  

I'm not familure with your business, but I'm sure that there are many people with the means, who would pay a premium for a timepiece which identifies them with the 8 pts of the Cross. 

Thanks for your ear. (Alex, I believe you will parse me out ... the good gate-keeper you are - No slight untended!)



Thank you for your kind words Bandit :-) As for the Maltese cross it
04/25/2008 - 12:39

has no religious or historical (Knights Templar) meaning. It was a symbol adopted in 1880 and is the form of the tension spring regulator.

Re: The meaning of the Cross
04/26/2008 - 02:58

It looks like four arrow heads to me.