Mercator at 500

Although not strictly a Vacheron Constantin-related thing, but I figured that it may be of interest to some here considering Vacheron Constantin's own homage to Mercator. The New York Public Library is holding an exhibition featuring some of Mercator's works, through September 29th. A link to the exhibition may be found here. Of course, there are events across Europe marking this anniversary as well. Hopefully if some of our American friends make it to the exhibition they can share some of their impressions (and wristshots).

The Mercator is the ancestor of the Metiers d'Art! it was with the
04/30/2012 - 11:14
launch of the Mercator models in 1994 that VC wanted to pay tribute to adventure and civilizations and this morphed slowly into the Grands Explorateurs and then more widely into a wider concept such as the Masks and Maki-e