Merci infinement!!

Let me be the first to render thanks.
I'm in Paris now for a bit of a holiday but I wanted to thank Alex and also Veronique Briand and all the others who contributed to a really wondeful visit to the Maison and the Manufacture and the SIHH.
As usual we were treated like royalty and even more important, at least for me was that many there remembered me from previous visits and made me feel very welcomed indeed.
The staff at the Maison and at the manufacture and all the hard-working people involved with the creation and manufacture of the watches were so friendly and helpful...and patient with all of us. C'etait vraiment magnifique!
I even got try my hand at anglage, perlage and cote de Geneve striping and came away with a little souvenir(as did a few others), of our handiwork. This was such a splendid idea!
The organisation and planning of the visit and out reception was ne plus ultra. I can't say enough good things.
Plus it was a chance to see some faces that I haven't seen for a while Lin, Gary and Gary and Francois and Dan, par example and meet a few new people, Patrice and Martin and even see a faces that I had seen just a little while ago, Guillaume and Francesca.
Now I have more fond memories of Vacheron and the SIHH.
So Radek, Tim, Dean and Kazumi...ecoutes-moi! year!
it was a fantastic event I have to say and I enjoyed myself too and a
01/17/2012 - 13:23
big thank you to the Loungers who made it so memorableheart
+1, Thanks to Alex & Véronique & VC team
01/17/2012 - 17:34
especially the very very very kind and patient persons who show us the way to do "anglage" and "perlage" (some HL felows attended to this working shop will - for sur - send photos).
See you next year, Joseph ;-))) nt
01/17/2012 - 21:37
01/18/2012 - 02:37
Yes, a HUGE Thank You to Alex, Veronique and the whole VC team who organized the event. As always, everything was perfect!  Another HUGE thank you to the ‘pros’ Christian Selmoni and Denis Hayoun for making themselves available, it was a pleasure spending time with both. It was good to see again – even if only briefly – the familiar VC faces: Celine, Nikki, the talented Jeanne, Juliette (+1), and Vincent.   As I told Alex, it speaks volumes when the most mundane part of the weekend is seeing the VC novelties ‘in the metal’. Not that I didn’t like the 2012 vintage, but I enjoyed all the other activities so much more…     The dinner, as always, is the best part: Michelin-star food and service, amazing wine and good old friends as company ;-). Hanging out with the Loungers is always cool. It was good to see again the usual suspects (Joseph, Gary H, Lin and Bill) and get to know Berny, Richard (we destroyed a VC watch together), Gary G, Dan, Martin, Patrick and Guillaume. Kaz, Radek, Dean – you were missed (and so were you, Mr L, if you are still lurking…)  Dean, I must commend you for your gift to Alex – a very nice gesture, and an original gift. Alex’s expression when he accepted it was priceless– holding it upside down, you could see him thinking that he was going to be able to enjoy it for hours, and hours, and hours…     I also really enjoyed the two workshops at La Manufacture. Disassembling the movement and putting it all back together was a real learning experience for me, and helped me understand much better what makes our little treasures go ‘tick-tack’… The movement we worked on was a large one (for a pocket watch). It was quite challenging handling all the small pieces – I don’t know if we could have managed to do it with a 1400 caliber… But the finishing workshop for me was even better. We each worked on a small Maltese cross (that we got to bring back home as a souvenir!), doing the perlage, anglage and the cotes de Geneve (well, we got a bit of help on that last one). Makes me appreciate even more the work that these guys do at VC…   In terms of goodies, we received the best present ever. I’m not sure if we can talk about it or not, so I’ll just play tease until I get the OK from the Godfather   My only regret is to not have been able to stay one more day, and get to experience the infamous Boat Party. This could (and should!) have been me, Gary, Alex, Dan  & Co…       So again, milles merci to everyone involved - I’m looking forward to next year!   Cheers,   Francois  
I'm so glad I could visit!
01/18/2012 - 17:08
I would also like to extend my thanks to everyone who made this visit so special for me! As a first time visitor I couldn't have felt more welcome than I did. Definately a memory I will cherish forever and I already look forward to next year. smiley I arrived quite early on Sunday and visited the watch exhibition at Musée Rath and I urge everyone who has the time to make a visit there. Splendid timepieces and a great mix of both antique and modern. The Hour Lounge dinner itself was the highlight for me. It was great to meet and put a face to many of the familiar display names I've seen over the years. Quality food, wine, cigars and company! On monday we visited the manufacture and although I had some problems getting there I finally arrived without too much delay for another memorable experience. It was great to meet some of the people behind the watches we love so much and you could tell the passion they have for their craft. The "Gift not be mentioned yet?" really means so much more after meeting the people directly involved! Like Francois mentioned we got to work with a large caliber during the watch assembly and afterwards I'm filled with admiration for the watchmakers. I can only imagine how hard it must be to assemble a cal 1003... SIHH itself was interesting as well with many interesting pieces from the participating brands. The newly designed Malte line is really beautiful and I have to say the pictures doesn't do them justice. The Malte tourbillion and the limited platinum time only model were my favourites among the newly released models. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Once again, thank you all for a great time! heart Best wishes Martin
Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!
01/18/2012 - 21:22
Arghh; the ski/training trip I had scheduled for this week has been on hold while a nasty cold front sits overhead...temps dipping below -40 with wind chill.  Geneva would have been warmer crying
Thanks to Alex, Veronique, Christian and VC team
01/21/2012 - 18:31
This event was incredible.  You have prepared a really enjoyable special time all long these 2 days. Firstly, the pleasure to meet all "The Loungers" 2012 SIHH group and to discuss and discover their babies. The dinner with Christian and Denis presentation were emotional in the Museum part of the Quai de l'Ile VC Maison.. The visit of VC Manufacture, the training for the handiwork to be aware of all expertise which is needed to succeed in Excellence for all VC watches are of pure interest. Quite difficult to succeed, isn't it Berny and Lin in my sub-group. The new collection impressed me: Firstly the new Fish in the "Metiers d'Art - Les Univers Infinis" collection. The blue color is really wonderful. Secondly the new Malte shape which fit better and a good renewal for this collection. Many THANKS +++++ An incredible event to live. Hope many Loungers could also attempt SIHH with Alex and VC in future years. Liger