Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....

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Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....

Volume 10 of the Asian edition of Revolution will be available starting June 20 (the US edition will follow shortly after). The Metiers d'Art : Les Masques shall be featured on the cover and a 4 page photoshoot will enable you to see the Masques like you probably will never see again!

Thank you to Wei Koh and the whole Revolution team for this exclusive sneak peak in the forthcomming edition

Photos and text copywrite Revolution Press 2007 (used with permission)

Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....

Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....

Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....

Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....

Very sexy!! Love it :-) (nt)
06/12/2007 - 14:17


wow !
06/12/2007 - 14:23

Well, interesting !

Provoking ?

well, for me, not in accordance with the watches.

Also, not easy to read little text to understand the philosophy of the shots.


the text is in fact the English translation of the poems as they
06/12/2007 - 16:25

appear on each dial

Well, how can i say that politely??......
06/12/2007 - 16:36

Those photos are a disgrace to the watches.

It's not sexy it is vulgar.

Those watches try to reflect the culture of some people but some feel the need to put some hlaf naked chicks in between.


I beg to disagree. Why should watches always be shown in a
06/12/2007 - 16:41

conservative and often boring way?

Why not have a different approach to our beloved timepieces and try to take them out of the golden bars we leave them?

Nowadays, advertisers put half naked women...
06/12/2007 - 17:50

to sell anything.

I'm disappointed to see that some brands fall into this "advertising trap".

Don't you find "weird" to have this woman half naked with a watch representing a Chinese death mask?

We're not talking about some bling bling watches here, we're talking about watches that are supposed to have a soul, a meaning.

Those photos in Revolution take that soul away and lower those watches to a vulgar goods you can buy in a supermarket.

Maybe it's a cultural thing but i don't buy that.

By the way, why put women, why don't they put half naked guys?

jérôme (35 years old and already a die hard conservatist ;-) )

One point needs to be cleared
06/12/2007 - 19:30

these pages are a photoshoot by an independent magazine and not advertisement or brand sponsored as you seem to imply.

No points need to be cleared because...
06/13/2007 - 00:25

i've never said that it was advertising done by VC and my post didn't imply that too.

06/12/2007 - 23:14

Halfnaked ladies in advertising is getting kind of "out of date" 1990's but the trend keeps on living . Its not that im that conservative but for me as a young guy (26) growing up with this type of advertising its not getting my attention anymore. Nowadays I like more "smart" ads like IWC big pilot at the airportbuses some year ago.

I know that the Revolotion front-cover dont have anything to do with VCs own ads but just the other night I saw a cover up from VCs preview dinner in Singapore on another forum. A dozen hired models just hanging around with male-VC watches around their wrists. It was pretty innocent but I keep wonder how that would improve the interest for a brand that provides art in combination with micro-technique. I also wonder what guy will by more watches becouse he shaked hand with a nice looking gal at a dinner party -  C'mon, we are not "18 unexperienced years" old anymore . Dont get me wrong, I like ladies (with or without clothes)...but keep that for the bikini-ads when thay really have to be half-naked .

Oh, one more thing...The only thing I disslike more in a ads then "sexy girls with smiling faces" is celebrity "front faces". Im very satisfied that VC dont deal with that. For me that is something that keeps the lower and higher-end brands separate. I can accept some ambassadors that can profile a watch that have a purpose (ex. a polo-player with a Reverso or a F1-star with an Offshore). But thats not the case with moviestars etc. Best example must be that famous tennisplayer that never won anything exept a sponsor-deal from Omega. Its thats what you wanna be when you buy a Seamaster?

Keep the models on the catwalk, the celebritys in Hollywood and non wining tennisplayers in the trainig hall. Leave the watches for their own beauty & soul.

Just my 2 cents...



Thank you Jérôme !
06/12/2007 - 17:28

100 % with you.


Re: Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....
06/12/2007 - 19:14

I absolutely love photos like this of watches instead of the usual bland almost dead compositions

Women(to me) are God's finest masterpiece

Fine watches(to me) is craft at its highest

So to see them together is wonderful

All the macro shots are great but come on guys Live a little loosen up the tie

I applaud the publisher of Revolution for presenting another dimension to our little hobby


The tempting view (nt)
06/13/2007 - 03:00

I can accept that.
06/13/2007 - 04:57

Lets not get too emotional first.  I think the photoshots reveal the usual women and goods combination advert.  I am not interested to find out the reason behind it.  But this combination is acceptable if the ad does not portray the women in an indecent and sleazy manner.  In this case, they are all right, IMHO.  They are not even half naked as some put it. 

If one can remember, some months ago, Revolution has photoshots on scantily clad women with three independent watchmakers in a room portraying provocative and seductive gesture.  That I cannot accept.



Re: Metiers d'Art -Les Masques like you've never seen before....
06/13/2007 - 07:59

I think we should all be a little less emotional and be more tolerant.  Although, personally, I would have wanted more focus on the watches themselves instead of the sexy ladies in masks, the subject line did say "d'Art-Les Masques like you've never seen before..". 

I have only seen the internet version of Revolution and although I do notice a healthy splashing of sexy ladies, there is also a good mix of interviews and articles on watches.  This is just their style - and to some it is okay.  Whether this mix of straightforward writing and "sexy lady + product" photography will work out will be entirely up to their subscribers. 

At any rate, thanks to Alex for going out of his way to share the photos, and thanks too to Revolution for allowing us access to the shots.