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Gentle men;

How to contact you ?

I am German, but I live in Brazil since 1998. I am not a watch-maker. I am simply a PhD in Chemistry, who works in Brazil. Watches therefore are only my hobby.

Nevertheless I’ve got a watch-idea, which I would like to present to professional people, who really know about like yours.

Please, don’t reply: “we don’t need anything, we already have everything (of our interest) !” Why?
1st) To be so kind and look upon it, will not cost you anything, would it ?
2nd) Definitely it would be an honour for me, if you would do me the favor to análise
my Idea.

If you allow me to do so,
is there any possibility in your contact forum to annex 4 drawings ?
Or could you indicate me a proper e-mail address, because it is very very easy to annex drawings to a conventional e-mail ?

Yours truely:

Ph.D. Toivo Willmann
how about sharing with us here?
11/09/2010 - 11:40