Model 4537

I want know about Vacheron-Constantin model 4537, Made aprox. between 1950 - 1953.   caracteristics and price today.
a gorgeous and rare XXL from 1949. This watch has a 38mm
02/05/2010 - 10:23
case (extremely rare for the time where men's watches were 31-33mm) and a manual wind cal 453. It was on VC catalogue until 1955 but the last one was produced in 1953. Made in 258 pieces in pink gold and 246 in yellow gold. As for price it all depends on the condition of dial, case, movement etc... so either look up the sale results of this ref on the web site of different auction houses (Antiquorum, Patrizzi, Sotheby's or Christie's) or take it to an auction house for a free appraisal.
An Answer and A Mystery
02/05/2010 - 18:58
Thanks for this interesting photo Alex!  The case is similar to the 4538, but the differences are its sub-seconds dial and movement.  So far we know the XXL family includes the ref 4536, 4537, 4538 and 4539, all being 38mm in diameter but differing in lug-to-lug dimensions according to design. Ref 4538, Antiquorum photo Ref 4536, author's photo Ref 4539, Antiquorum photo Now here is another mystery!  This model is similar to the 4539 above, but again with sub-seconds.  Any idea what its reference number is?  It can't be 4540 according to Antiquorum's reference index, which shows a different and smaller case.
there is also the 4627 that has a 38mm case
02/08/2010 - 15:33
Sweet watch!
02/08/2010 - 17:26
Gorgeous claw lugs!  Does it have a cal 1002 or 466? Alex, are you able to put calipers to that watch?  Antiquorum lists two ref 4627's in their database, one 37mm and another at 38mm.  Also, Joseph posted that his 4627 was 37mm.  I know that V&C did make several 37mm models and fewer 38mm so it would be helpful for my database to know how to classify this one.  I'd be interested in the lug-to-lug measure too. Cheers, Dean
Re: a gorgeous and rare XXL from 1949. This watch has a 38mm
04/26/2012 - 19:37
Alex, It seems the ref. 4537 you posted is in incredible condition here. Do you know of any work done to the seconds dial, or watch for that matter? I just purchased one only a few months ago, and the seconds dial seems to have darkened to a silver color. One of my favorite watches in my growing collection...
welcome to the Lounge and congrats on your new watch. The dial of
04/26/2012 - 19:41
the watch I had posted was in fantastic condition but its rare to find something so pristine. Yours has a very nice patina heart