A modest proposal from a newcomer

I'm sorry to assert myself so soon after joining the forum, but can we reach some sort of consensus among the group that we will not respond to "is this a fake?" postings and that Alex may, assuming the full support of the group, lock and/or delete such postings immediately?

Both here and on the Purists the proportion of such postings to the total seems to be on the rise -- and I agree with earlier posts that there is no need to give replica creators detailed instructions on how to improve their fakes.

It's not quite to the level of "what metal should I buy my 5070 in to assure maximum financial gain?" stuff on various PP fora, but I'm afraid that it may be headed that way.



To be absolutely honest, Gary...
01/16/2009 - 22:36
I do not fully share your point of view. I think as annoying as the fake-or-not posts are getting we still need to somehow respond to this... There are a whole of bunch of honest and uneducated people out there and they come here for help with good intentions.  I get a feeling we can easily spot these honest posters and treat them fairly. The other ones have been wished good riddance on a lot of occasions and never come back. I guess Alex and other Loungers have a good sense, communications skills and feel the fake-or-not poster out right off the bat. I understand your standpoint and maybe we should avoid those posts by creating a special 'spot a fake' section on the Lounge with a gallery of the fakes (!?). Those interested could use it and get the necessary info... just a  thought.   Anyway, I personally get a real kick out of those "fake" posts and its pix 
Hi Gary, I think that there are many who...
01/17/2009 - 02:18
understand your position and agree with your proposal.  When he can, I think Alex will give his perspective as the moderator of this forum. In general, I believe that the forum and its members form a good, self-managing environment.  Having participated in a number of fora, there is a fine balance that needs to be achieved between freedom and some controls.  Ideally, the members themselves help to manage the discussions and then the moderator(s) do not need to use a heavy hand with rules and policies.  Here, I think that the balance is achieved. There will always be "how much is this watch worth" and "my uncle/friend just gave me this watch" type of posts.  In general, they get very little attention here but every once in a while, they get a little more attention.  It will last for a day or two and then fade away into oblivion.  Some people, perhaps you included, get annoyed  by these posts but others find value or entertainment in them.  The reality is that no situation and/or solution will provide 100% happiness and hopefully those who are less than thrilled, can have a little patience as it will pass quite quickly. Just my two cents worth...  Hmmm, maybe I should be saving my pennies for what's coming next week...  Cheers, Duncan
My meager two cents Canadian
01/17/2009 - 06:08
This is certainly very thorny and the final decision lies with the moderator. My experience with this sort of issue is one of control or lack thereof. It seems that on some sites the moderator(s) make very strict guide lines which are enforced with an iron fist. Other forums are slacker and allow the forum members to weed out the undesirable elements. Each has its own merit. The egalitarian forum runs the risk of deteriorating into an offensive assault on a member by other members. The Authoritative forum runs the risk of the moderator assaulting a forum member. I am not sure if I prefer a good old fashioned stoning to a firing squad! Of course the best forum would be one which allows the freedom of the Egalitarian forum with the safety of the authoritative forum (I knew those parenting classes would come in handy some day). This forum would allow all topics to be discussed with redirection of the conversation by the moderator if it veers off course. It would not aggressively intervene unless a clear violation of a member/moderator occurred or was impending (a slippery slope, I know). I am glad there are people more accomplished at this task than myself but each person has his/her strengths and weaknesses. It seems The Hour Lounge (guests and host) gives more latitude than most with regard to "Da Rules" allowing individuals to make mistakes and be not ridiculed for their indiscretion. I do not appreciate the "is it real" type of question but do demonstrate a certain voyeuristic attitude not unlike that of a rubber necker at the scene of a crash on the highway. I enjoy seeing an unsuspecting gem appear like a treasure on Antique Roadshow. I despise seeing an obvious replica presented with deliberately distorted photography, an unbelievable story and a clear ignorance of proper forum etiquette. My desire would be for all forum members to ignore these posts and allow ONLY the moderator to respond to minimize the traffic and allow it to go away ASAP. But I think we all are most dismayed at someone showing up with a real beauty, being informed of the desirable nature of their piece, seeing them experience the same joy we do and quickly placing the item for sale on flea bay. Certainly they are ecstatic to learn of the value of the watch but why are we surprised that they only see it as $$$. They did not come into the fold for a love of watches but rather due to a bizarre series of events which led to the acquisition of this treasure. They really have no appreciation for it and I actually am happier to see them let it go to a true collector than have them use it in a narcotics transaction. I am not sure what the criteria Alex uses in managing the Hour Lounge but I find no problem living within the gilded cage he has offered. If it were to change I might move on but currently it seems to be a nice refuge from the turbulence in the world today. Mike Segal 
Some good points Mike.
01/17/2009 - 08:31
As I was reading your comments, I was reminded of something that recently happened on another watch forum.  Rules and policies are only of value if they are fairly and consistently enforced.  Having rules, which are not enforced, results in a site that loses credibility. As said, it comes down to maintaining a balance and thankfully, we seem to have found it here at THL.  Cheers, Duncan
As all others , I hate these posts!
01/17/2009 - 10:28
As written above it's a burden on Alex, sorry I have brought up the question several times. My opinion is that if it obvious it's a fake, from picture, or 'I was given'... it should be deleted. It damages this forum, seeing, as we have done the last months several obvious fakes, even of extremely bad pics, probably, because they have taken the shot from the display. My vote goes for delete. Doc
Re: A modest proposal from a newcomer
01/17/2009 - 13:43
Hey Gary, I myself discovered this great forum as I was wondering if a VC offered on flea bay was the real thing. I hesitated quite some time before daring answering the question because of all those posts I saw with fake in them. I am very happy I finally did and was positively surprised by how very respectful the answer from everyone was. This encouraged me to stick along and I have learnt a lot since then even if I am not a VC owner yet. I'm even starting to be able to recognize fake VCs from the real thing (doing my training on fleabay!) and may I say it's a real pleasure  to be in such good company as are the HL members. I can really understand why some of you are tired of the "is it a fake, present from my long lost uncle" kind of post. In that case, why don't you ignore them and let people willling to answer do it? It is a simple suggestion from an humble member of this forum
Interesting twist....
01/17/2009 - 18:31
I checked my junk mail folder yesterday and found a steaming pile of obscenity from rik_7_@hotmail.com, which I believe is the originator of the fake watch post judging by what he said. As a result I asked Alex three things: 1. Can we opt out of direct email private messages?  This doesn't appear to be an option in our profile page. 2. Instead, can we receive private messages through the forum when we log in? 3. Can this poster be banned?  I would add that his previous posts should also be deleted.
Important question as we see more and more of these posts
01/17/2009 - 19:27
I think Alex does a great job to try to find a balance to all posts and answers. But erasing posts of obvious fakes which spoil everybody and make loose our time would be a must from my point of view. This would be nice to do so as early as possible when posted on HL. Last word to Alex, of course! Cheers
thank you all for your interesting thoughts and comments. Fakes are
01/18/2009 - 11:04
a sticky subject and I don't believe that a specific rule should be set but rather each such post should be treated on a case by case basis.