More of the Historiques Lips 1954

Hello everyone,

Here are slightly better shots of the Historiques Lips 1954 that I posted a week or two ago.
You can now see the guilloche pattern, sword hands, and highly-stylized case construction.

(first two photos from Japanese men's fashion magazine LEON)
More of the Historiques Lips 1954

More of the Historiques Lips 1954

(Sorry, I forgot which watch magazine this last photo came from)
More of the Historiques Lips 1954

According to the limited info available, 20 pieces in WG will be released first in the Japanese market at a price of JPY 2,810,00 (USD 31,000 or 23,000 euros).  If the magazines are correct, the model should be powered by the petite cal. 1400 (so following the example of the Historiques 1968, it will probably have a solid case back).

Although I am sure it will be an interesting model in the flesh, I feel that the price (at least for the initial 20 pieces to be offered in Japan) seems to be outrageously steep.  A Patrimony Contemporaine manual wind sells at a little over JPY 1,600,000 and, if the magazines are correct, the Historiques Ultra-fine 1955 (with 18k cal. 1003!) is scheduled to be priced here for about JPY 2,680,000.  For that much dough, I was hoping for a new form movement or the 18k cal. 1003. 

Well, lets wait till Autumn when the new model is scheduled to be released (by then, more accurate info could be available).

KazumiMore of the Historiques Lips 1954

the case looks lovely but needs to be seen în the flesh. Pricewise
03/09/2010 - 19:36
it does seem in line with the latest Historique models  - I don't know about the new 1955 and 1968 but the American 1921 was in this price range. Maybe it has something to do with the limitedness of the watch? Is it a Japan only model or will it be produced by VC as a regular production piece?
The short write up says 20 pcs will be sold in Japan first...
03/09/2010 - 20:29

Since the article didn't mention it to be a Japan market LE (just to be sold ahead in Japan), I suppose it will eventually be available elsewhere (in one form or another). The American 1921 has the new cal. 4400 whereas this one is supposed to have the older (although pretty) cal. 1400 available in many other models for much much less.  I think the pricing would be spot on if it had an appropriately designed form movement...even a reconfiguration of the cal. 1400 (like the form movement in PP's Chronometro Gondolo). I am wondering if we will be getting the "more gold used in the case" line to justify the price... Kazumi

Japanese market to be a testing ground for VC yet again...
03/09/2010 - 23:38

A lovely piece for certain... especially if you consider there are so few rectangular watches in the VC line-up. But I have to give it down to you as far as the value for money aspect... 1400 caliber is a bit out-dated compared to the newer in-house calibers.

"Lips" (smack!)

Thanks Kazumi for the clearer pictures
03/09/2010 - 23:58
I don't think this VC is for me... And I agree with your comment re pricing. Cheers, Francois
I don't know how this watch got into the press but the photos are of a
03/10/2010 - 11:24
prototype so case, dial, name price etc... nothing is final! I'll give you an exclusive preview once the final product is ready. Kazumi you are one hell of a detective
Flattery will get you nowhere, Alex :o)
03/10/2010 - 17:09
Wish I could take all the credit but the scoop on this watch was on quite a few magazines already. The way the short write-ups were written (complete with tentative pricing), you'd think you were already looking at the real deal...well maybe it IS...(for Japan, at least). It is supposed to be released here this Autumn and should make its worldwide debut in 2011 (according to one magazine). Let's hope the final product looks even better. Best Kazumi
Look a like ?
03/12/2010 - 20:28
Vacheron&Constantin 1950. Cheers Doc