Movement in the Overseas line``



I am curious to know which movements are at work in the Overseas line. The simple date and time version as well as the chronograph.

Is it a Jaeger or Frederic Piguet base caliber? 

What is the accuracy rating maintained for these two watches?

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When I bought my Overseas "Time and Date" (47040) I have been told what it has VC 1226 movement which is basically JLC movement, improved by VC.

Hope this will help you a little smiley

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Thank you, it does.
I think the OS Dual-Time uses a JLC caliber, while the Chronograph
06/14/2015 - 18:05

uses a Piguet caliber. Not sure about the time only. I am sure someone here will answer this.

These are very reliable movements and once VC is done with its finishing, they are truly world-class.

Do not know about accuracy ratings. But take my advice - do not go so deep into all this numeric stuff.  These are Vacheron's. They are the most beautiful and awesome watches in the world (with a handful of competitors). They will serve you well. They are like Rolls Royce. 0-60 mph and top-speed do not matter so much.

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06/27/2015 - 03:22
Yes they are wonderfully crafted watches. I only wish they offered an option with a half hour difference for dual time, would have been perfect for me. The case and bracelet design are truly original. I hope someday, we can have a skeleton overseas also.
Hi HP, kk is correct
06/15/2015 - 05:27

For the current models of the OS: Time Only and Dual-Time are based on JLC ebauches, while the chronograph is based on an F-P ebauche.

The Generation 1 version of the Time Only model used a GP ebauche.

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Thanks DS. JLC,FP and GP ebauches are all amazing work horses with reliability. Helps knowing this.
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06/27/2015 - 18:28

Hi Dan

Any idea what ebauche an OS with time/seconds/date from 1997 would use?

Strangely enough, it seems to keep better time since I played golf with it on...but I won't be doing that again. 


Interchanges of Ebauches
06/29/2015 - 05:12

I find all these interchanges of ebauches quite fascinating.

My questions would be: which of the companies use VC ebauches? is this done to save money? to make it more expiedient to have a ready-made ebauche fit a new case?

is it a just a question of supply and demand - as in 'we have orders for x number of chronometers and we need x number of ebauche to fill the order but not enough of our own to fill it - them elsewhere?

Just interested.


Re: Interchanges of Ebauches: pure speculation
06/30/2015 - 02:45

I believe it was a supply/demand and availability of appropriate ebauches issue.

In 1996, when the OS was originally introduced, I am guessing that the GP 3100 (the ebauche used for VC's cal. 1310 and 1311) was the only one readily available and in enough quantities to meet VC's needs at the time.  Interestingly, I once read an article saying that GP had issues with this movement in terms of reliability.  But taking the basic ebauche, VC made some changes to it and made it run more accurately and reliabiy than GP.  I've had no problems at all with mine.

With the introduction of the Gen. 2 version of the OS, 3-handed watch, VC decided to use JLC's cal 889.  By this time, cal 889 was already in use by VC (it is the ebauche used for VC's cal 1126 series of movements and cal 1226), so I am only guessing that steady/available supply from JLC might have been the deciding factor in this situation.

As far as other brands using VC movements, I believe that was done early on (19th century)...back when Georges Leschot finished his initial work on machines that could make highly repetitive components (though not truly interchangeable).  This allowed VC to manufacture very high quality movements at a much larger capacity.  Therefore other Brands starting sourcing VC movements.  I do not know of VC sourcing to others in the 20th or 21st centuries. 

Our VC historian, Tick-Talk, wrote this:


I also believe that it was during this period, when more movements were sold than complete watches, that we now have movement serial numbers that are always higher than case serial numbers. 

Though I believe VC modified there serial numbering system a few years ago...there is no way that VC has made over 5 million watches, yet I've seen serial numbers in that range.

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VC's cal. 1310/1311 movement was used in the 1st Gen. OS 3-handed watch, which was produced between 1996-2004.  This movement is based on a G-P ebauche (3100)

In 2004, VC introduced the 2nd. Gen. OS, and it was at this time that the cal. 1126/1226 was used.  This movement is based on a JLC ebauche (889).

Here is an article that Alex wrote about VC's sports watches, it has a lot of information that I think you'll find interesting.

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Hi Dan

Thank you very much for all this information - greatly appreciated and extremely interesting!


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For more in-depth review you may read Jack Forster's review on OS automatic movement.

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Thank you. Again, interesting stuff.