Alex....When I go through the catalog and look up the movements I get lost. I was looking at the Malte with complications line and I see number like 1755 (perp repeater), 1226 (retrograde perp.) 1141 (malte Chron). Are these the same base movement but with added complications?  Are they Vacherons or anothers Ebauche? Where can I research the movements currently used by Vacheron. I would like to find out about which movements are in house and which are either lemania Ebauche , piguet, or some other?

I am trying to learn more about the engine thats driving all these great watches and if you could help direct me it would be greatly appreciated.

I have found your posting on the 2450 and the 2755 and found them very informative. This is the type of information I would like to read and compile if possible.


The current VC inhouse movements are...
12/31/2007 - 15:17

VC currently has 1 base manual wind (cal 1400) and 3 base automatics: 2450 (with integrated date), 2460 (central seconds) and 2455 (sub seconds at 9 and date) and evolutions thereof: 1420 (date+power reserve), 2460 R31 R7 (bi retrograde day/date), 2460 G4 (wandering hours, minutes, day and date as found in the Masks) etc...

Complications: 1790 tourbillon, 1790 tourbillon regulator, 2755 perpetual, tourbillon, repeater

The manual wind chronographs cal 1141 are based on Lemania 2310 and the automatic wind chronographs cal 1137 are based on Piguet 1185.

Let me know which movements you are wondering about and I'll try to find the base movement supplier. Just a note: the complications modules are all constructed by VC may the base movement be inhouse or outsourced.

Hope this helps

Thanks Alex that was very helpful,
12/31/2007 - 18:05

Do you know if V&C ever had a movement ref 4420? If they did on what watch was it used on? tia


4420 doesn't ring a bell, but I'll check (nt)
12/31/2007 - 19:10