Is my 1960s Vacheron a Patrimony?

Hello, I curious to know the name of my Vacheron Constantin Ref 6405 (I have posted heaps of photos of this piece – so I will spare everyone another photo!). I know this watch is a classic Vacheron Dress watch with coin edging bezel and sub seconds at 6. It uses the fantastic K1001 movement. Does anyone know the name of this watch when it was released? Did it infact have a name? It looks similar to a modern Patrimony…..but I am not sure if it was ever know as a Patrimony. When did Patrimony start being used by VC as a model name? Did the older watches ever have names? Keen to learn about my beautiful Vacheron
VC started systematically using names in the 80s so your
08/25/2011 - 14:16
watch is not a Patrimony. If memory serves me well VC started started using the Patrimony line in the early 2000 and in its present form in 2004