My 3rd baby arrived a few days ago!

And it's not another watch (although we refer to them as babies too haha)!
Here're some pics to share our pride and joy. Our 3rd kid (a baby girl we named her Kristen Wong).

Noticed my wife took the VC notebook we received at the inaugural Hour Club event in Singapore some weeks back and used it to record baby's feedling times (and she didn't even ask me if i would allow that!). Since she did that, I offered her my VC for timekeeping....

The official timekeeper is naturally my super accurate and precise (ahem... not being humble here hehe) VC Patrimony Traditionelle!

robin wong

My 3rd baby arrived a few days ago!My 3rd baby arrived a few days ago!

My 3rd baby arrived a few days ago!

Congratulations, Robin!
07/07/2013 - 14:18
From the feeding times it shows your baby girl is a hungry infant ;-) What would you do without your precision time-keeping machine to keep track of the feeding times intervals and??? Hope she's a quiet one and lets you sleep throughout the night.
Congratulations Robin ! Lovely pictures...
07/07/2013 - 15:53
The Traditionelle is indeed a super accurate watch, as I noticed with. Hope mother and baby are doing fine.
Re: My 3rd baby arrived a few days ago!
07/07/2013 - 15:59
Congratulations, lovely little lady!
Life's best gift! Congratulations Robin :-)
07/08/2013 - 00:38
Congratulations to you and your wife!
07/08/2013 - 01:06
Now you really have your hands full! But wonderful times await. All the best, Joseph
07/08/2013 - 01:53
I hope you are getting some sleep! All the best
Thank you everyone for your well wishes!
07/08/2013 - 08:42
I just reminded my wife she has to wind the official timekeeper.... She thought it works like her quartz or auto (she was shaking my patrimony) watches! Cheers Robin Wong
Congratulations! nt
07/08/2013 - 10:04
Re: My 3rd baby arrived a few days ago!
07/08/2013 - 12:34
Heartfelt Congratulations Robin
07/08/2013 - 18:51
A toast to you and your growing family laugh
Congratulations Robin, the best gift ever :-)
07/13/2013 - 03:34
She is super cute!!! I hope that you guys are managing to get some sleep...