My Collection at present. Please post pics!

I am new to the Vacheron brand but a long time watch collector.

I have often traded/flipped watches to finance the next acquisition - as I am a middle class person with middle class finances!

At present my modest/humble collection is at 5 mens pieces - the wife also has 5 pieces.

My Watch Collection includes:-
Omega Speedmaster Professional Man on the Moon
Vacheron & Constantin 6405
Patek Philippe Calatrava 5107
Rolex Explorer 1 - 14270
Rolex Explorer II - 16570

My wife's pieces:-
Cartier 18K Diablo (mini version)
Cartier 18K Ceniture
Cartier 18K Baignoire (mini version)
Obrey Silver fashion watch
Rolex DateJust 69174 (not shown - steel with white gold bezel)

I am very keen to see pics of other collectors collections.  Please post pics here!

My Collection at present. Please post pics!
My Collection at present. Please post pics!My Collection at present. Please post pics!
Hi Archie, I think you will find the WIS crowd has a somewhat
03/06/2011 - 02:50
strange behavior, we have no problems posting photos of our watches but rarely that of the whole collection!
I posted this picture recently in response to George's question
03/06/2011 - 06:01
So its a re-hashed picture of my modest VC collection, its not the biggest or the best, but it is very harmonious in my eyes and meets my collecting objectives - which is all that matter, . 1. Simple, time only, chronometry focus on the top row 2. Some complications on the bottom row, if you accept ultra thin as a complication (the empty space... to be filled in with a minute repeater pocket watch, someday) 3. Balanced variety of colore metals 4. Balanced selection of center seconds, sub-seconds, no seconds 5. Variety of styles that go from every day sporty to formal wear In summation, a representative (though defnitely not complete) sampling of 20th century VCs that I feel comfortable wearing on a regular basis. BR, Dan I've said that this collection would leave me wanting for nothing and I would consider it complete.  But the evil Alex and SIHH has put a bad idea in my head about a dark QDI.  The WIS rationalization process has been started...maybe start up a collection of VCs that are representative of the 21st century?  Oh help me,  the VC bug is terminal!!!