My Dad's Vach

Well Greetings from Somerset UK. My dear old Dad purchased an automatic back in th 60's when I was a kid. Never really gave it much thought except it gave hin "trouble" as he said it just didn't perform to expectations ie did not keep time! Well after he died my Mum gave me the watch - sadly it isn't working. the guarantee states  watch no (this bit is not printed or has faded with age) case in Herrenarmbanduhr acier 19-6562-6 movement no  412316  etc. The guarantee is dated 22/03/67.

Well, if somebody could give me advice where I might get it valued ~I understand uncleaned makes them more collectable?
I haven't as yet decided what to do whether to get it repaired or not.

Maya B
if you are not too far from London you have many
10/16/2010 - 16:02
Vintage watch dealers in Piccadilly and Burlington Arcades who could valuate your watch
Re: if you are not too far from London you have many
10/17/2010 - 00:43
Thank you for that Alex. Next time I'm in town I will do that. Kind regards Maya