my first four weeks of VC ownership

I can't believe it's been four weeks since I bought my VC Patrimony Traditionnelle date self-winding in white gold. This is the first watch I ever bought for myself, with an Omega Seamaster chronometer from my uncle being my only other watch. I have had the pleasure of wearing my VC for 29 of the past 29 days, averaging over 12 hours per day of wrist time. Basically, I have decided that I will wear it unless there is a really good reason not to (such as sleeping, showering, golfing, cycling, hiking, swimming). If in doubt (like today's barbeque at the beach), then I wear the VC.

I definitely still love the watch as much as when I first got it. I love that it can be quite discrete, not calling undue attention to itself in day to day life, yet stunning and elegant enough for any occasion. It looks great and fits with my personality whether I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts or wearing a suit and tie. My friends (most of whom do not own a mechanical watch) like it a lot, and I must have taken it off for a friend to look at on at least 50 different occasions. The detailed craftsmanship on it is stunning. Taking a quick break from work to stare at some small detail of the watch never gets old. Sometimes, it's the texture on the small seconds portion of the dial. Sometimes, it's just watching my minute hand reach the next minute marker just as the small seconds hits 12 o'clock. (That one probably is my favorite way to destress and kill half a minute. See attached photo.)  Sometimes, it's taking the watch off and watching the movement work its magic, then listening to it for a few seconds. In a way, it's routine now. For the past 29 days, every morning I put the watch on. Every day at some point I find myself taking it off just to get a closer look. Yet at the same time, it is still very special. Every time I put it on, I still feel the excitement that I felt the first time I put it on. Every time I glance at it to tell time is still an event in of itself. Every friend asking about it still can sense how excited I am with the watch and about the company behind the watch.

With such extensive use in a broad range of circumstances, I have no doubt that the case will receive its fair share of nicks and scratches. That's fine since I don't intend to ever sell it. I feel a little bad (only a very little bit, though) about the fact that my watch will show more wear and tear than most others of its kind, but I intend to enjoy this fine watch to its fullest and get its full value in wrist time. I've definitely become a VC fan, and I still expect that eventually, this watch will be one of several VCs in my collection. I'm not sure how I'll find time for all of them, but I'll worry about that problem when the time comes.
oops... forgot the picture
08/22/2010 - 11:18
Brother, say Hello
08/23/2010 - 06:43
Excellent choice!
Nice pictures! [nt]
08/23/2010 - 19:35
your enthusiasm is contagious :-) Glad you are having a long lasting
08/23/2010 - 11:42
love affair with your watch
VC as your 1st watch? You really chose well and wisely. Thanks for
08/23/2010 - 17:15
sharing and wear your watch in good health
Re: VC as your 1st watch? You really chose well and wisely. Thanks for
08/23/2010 - 20:13
When I started looking for a watch, I knew nothing other than that Rolex and Omega are popular, and that Patek Philippe is my watch-collecting uncle's favorite. It took one day of learning about watches to decide that I wanted a nice dress watch (possibly a PP or VC if budget allowed), and three more days to decide it definitely would be a VC. Then it was just a matter of finding the right one. Their great looks (going purely based on pictures), the company history, and the way the company stands behind the watches (the commitment to lifelong service and the presence of this forum in particular) were compelling enough that I bought mine without ever seeing a VC in the flesh. I was immediately taken aback by how gorgeous it is in person, and dreams of completing a VC, PP, and AP trio quickly were replaced with dreams of a VC collection (though there may be room for the occasional PP).
it's always exciting to read someone's experience and to know they
08/23/2010 - 18:24
are happy with their watch
A real winner
08/23/2010 - 18:37
The design is both elegantly classical and cleanly contemporary .  I can't help but chuckle at your pledge to never sell.  I wish I had your discipline but something else always comes up .
Not selling is easy. Not buying again would be true commitment.
08/23/2010 - 20:00
I'm pretty sure I'll manage to keep the pledge to not sell. I tend to hold on to my toys if they still have value to me, and give them away to friends and family if they're still useful but I don't want them. (My toys tend to be nice enough that some friend or family member definitely will want it.) A watch doesn't take up that much space, its ongoing costs are not that high, and it's not a REALLY valuable watch that is tying up enough wealth to make a real difference to my overall finances. Right now, my tentative plan is to pass it on someday when I have a son graduate from college or a daughter getting married. (Either is a long time away seeing as I'm 31 and single.) If I really don't want this particular VC anymore before that happens, I'm sure I can find a friend willing to adopt it from me. Pledging to not buy another would be true commitment. I'm not crazy enough to pledge that! In fact, there's already a list brewing in my head of what I would need to consider the core of my VC collection complete. Something ultrathin and manual-wound, probably with cal. 1003. An Overseas, probably a chronograph, possibly in titanium. A dressy chronograph. Something in platinum. And if I can someday afford it, something skeletonized and a minute repeater would be nice to add to the collection. Until I have all those, it should be pretty easy to avoid selling. Might be a bit tougher afterward.
Glad you are getting pleasure from your beautiful watch (nt)
08/23/2010 - 20:53
LOL so true :-) NT
08/24/2010 - 13:57