My first post on the Hour Lounge

I am a fellow fan of VC and watch lover from Portugal. Not long ago i knew little about fine watches except for the usual misconceptions  caused by marketing campaigns and common sense.

And the Hour Lounge is a forum where you can really learn to apreciatte the fine VC timepieces but also watches in general.

This forum really has something special that most if any other forums have not.

I am close to buy my first VC the overseas chrono but i also love the AP steel RO offshore. These are watches i absolutely fell in love with since the first time i saw them. I think the ROO owns a bigger piece of my heart but i cannot stop thinking that the Overseas is a more elegant watch.

I know watches are a very personal choice but i really like to hear your opinions on this subject wich i will take into careful consideration because as i learn more about watches the more i identfy myself with most of the opinions and views expressed here.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Overseas vs Royal Oak Offshore
03/04/2008 - 16:41

Dear Rui,

Welcome to the Lounge and thank you for your kind words. As for the ROO vs the Overseas have you tried the watches side by side?

Let me start by saying that I'm a great fan of the Royal Oak design, I owned a few and wore a RO Chronograph for years, HOWEVER the reason why I sold these watches had nothing to do with their intrinsic quality but I was getting sick and tiered of seeing limited edition ROO hitting the market, made in large numbers and only different to the previous limited edition because of the dial color.

I don't own an Overseas model (even though I'm seriously thinking of getting the US limited edition model) so I'll give you some general impressions:

*If you want a daily wearer the Overseas would fit the bill, it has a smaller diameter and is much thinner so it can be worn on all occassions.

* You have a wider choice in terms of dial and designs with the Offshore, which also has a more daring design

* I'm not a fan of bracelets in general but do find the Overseas bracelet quite attractive

* Movement wise even though none have an inhouse movement the Overseas uses an integrated chronograph movement where'as the Offshore uses a modular construction which I don't really like.

On the other hand you do seem to have your hear set on the Offshore... so I would say try both and get the one that puts the bigger smile on your face .

BTW here's a Mercator Vacheron Constantin had made specially for the Portuguese market:

PS: love your screen name, I was a great fan of Joy Division and even more of New Order!

Re: Overseas vs Royal Oak Offshore
03/05/2008 - 02:20

25 year flashback to those groups.

Even though you're on the VC forum the Loungers often speak their
03/04/2008 - 16:59

mind and you will probably get more or less unbiased least I hope

Anyway as it was said before the choice really depends on your taste. I won't comment on quality or movement because at this price point and brand reputation its all details and personnal taste and you can't really go wrong with either. I used to own a few RO Offshore models which I ended up by selling because I felt that AP was just not standing behind its regular production models by pumping out so many limited editions which in the end undervalued the regular production pieces!

Overseas Better IMHO
03/04/2008 - 18:19

I know where you are coming from Joydivision, having pondered the same choices.  IMHO, the Overseas has a clear advantage which Alex has fully captured, namely, thinner design due to it's integrated F. Piguet chronograph movement.  In the long term, this type of movement will prove more robust and easier to service, which is no small consideration with costs and time delays growing.

The other great advantage for me was the large date display, which is a very useful albeit minor complication.  Don't need reading specs to tell the date.

What the ROO gives you is a piece of history that the OS cannot claim, that is membership into the Royal Oak First Genta Design Really Expensive Swiss Stainless Steel Watch Club

Re: My first post on the Hour Lounge
03/04/2008 - 18:30

hi Rui,

Fantastic to have people from Portugal here!! I'm in love with this country. I'm from Spain.

My experience since I got the Overseas(almost 6 months) is fantastic: I wear it everywhere: at work, sports activities, etc and it always fit the bill! 

I had the same "dilema" as you and I tried both: moreover the points indicated by Alex and other Vacheronists I will pinpoint 2: versability and comfort. I'm quite hairy and the bracelet of Overseas is better for me!!

Try them both and you will see.



Re: Re: My first post on the Hour Lounge
03/04/2008 - 19:48

Thanks for your prompt responses. I think i will go with the overseas since it corresponds better to what i think what an refined yet discrete sports watch should be. I cannot help but think that the overseas is a case of true love instead of a crazy passion!

And i really don´t like the path AP is taking with the offshore too. I think that path is damaging the legitimacy of the line and the brand as a whole.

In my opinion VC is on the right path.

Another question: do you think the overseas is a mature design or do you see room for improvement exterior design wise?

P.S. - The mercator is beautiful and i would love to see one in person!

The Overseas models were launched in 1996 and modified in 2004 I would
03/05/2008 - 11:19

think that VC may apply small changes here and there but I don't see any major evolution. VC now have a true sports watch which is recognisable as a VC and which seems to be a rather successful model so I can't see them changing it.

I think the Overseas has more integrity.
03/05/2008 - 09:48

My understanding is that most of the Royal Oaks are not actually submersible, which is perplexing in such a sporty watch. There are exceptions, but make sure you know the water resistance of the actual model you plan to buy. Also, there's the issue of the non-functional slots on the bezel bolts. (They function as bolts but are slotted like screws.) This may not bother you, but I know myself: that sort of non-functional feature would drive me nuts. Meanwhile, the Overseas does what you would expect a sporty watch to do without too much fuss. That's the way things should be.

One note though: if you don't like bracelets, it's a lot easier to retrofit a bracelet on a Royal Oak than on an Overseas. This may change, as aftermarket manufacturers may start to make retrofitting kits.

Welcome to the HL
03/06/2008 - 09:12