My first Vacheron

My first Vacheron

A special watch to commemorate a special occasion.  I love everything about it - such an elegant watch.  Purists may not like the size, but it works really well in my opinion.

Best wishes

I've had a hate / love relationship with this watch
04/13/2007 - 01:09

The first time I saw it I found it way too big at 40mm but instantly loved the case, lugs and mostly the sublime dial gently bombé with the applied indexes and minute markers. A fantastic reiteration of a typical vintage VC timepiece. Today I've stopped being a size dictator and 40mm is considered the norm and also adds legibility. Therefore I find the Patrimony Contemporaine to be one of the nicest dress watches available today. I also like the fact that it has a solid back which one could have engraved.

I was recently discussing dials with a friend and we concluded that unfortunately today many brand offer bland and uninteresting dials on their classic pieces as if classic should equal boring! The dial of the Patrimony Contemporaine has depth and life and the sheen that can be found on certain vintage watches...lovely.

I also loke the white metal /dark blue strap combination you have chosen.

What was the occasion you were celebrating? Why did you choose this watch over another one?

Wear it in the best of health

Re: I've had a hate / love relationship with this watch
04/13/2007 - 03:08
It's for the birth of our first - a son. We wanted something with an engraveable back, and a classic looking watch with a modern twist. I toyed with the IWC Perp Calendar, Patek Nautilus and the Vacheron Regulator. The IWC was too big for the purpose (though I love it and will purchase it at some point), the Patek was in consideration only b/c it was a Patek (not reason enough, so discarded for now) and the Vacheron Regulator, though a fantastic watch and one on my list, narrowly lost out to the very basic, but so elegant Contemporaine. I remember as a child that one of my uncles had a classic looking watch like this (don't know what it was), and I imagine that this is the sort of watch I'd like to tell my son I bought in his honour when he was born. Don't get me wrong, he will probably get many watches from me, but this one will bear his initials. Also, my wife liked it best for its elegance and thought it best suited her idea of an heirloom. Thanks for the good wishes.
A wonderful story and a perfect occasion to buy a
04/13/2007 - 14:15

heirloom piece.

It may be your first Vacheron Constantin but believe me it certainly won't be your last :-)

04/13/2007 - 12:36

I find this watch too big but it is a very elegant one.

You made a good choice.


Congratulations on your..
04/13/2007 - 17:37

firstborn and excellent choice for the memorable occasion. Regards, Victor

Thanks for the kind wishes all... cheers
04/14/2007 - 00:44