My first Vacheron Constantin

I recently purchased my first Vacheron Constantin gents wristwatch. I believe it is a Patrimony (?).The case is 18ct white gold 428145 7389 .The serial number is 595,647. Does this date it to 1972? For this date should there be a maltese cross on the winder as there is on the face .What type of buckle should there be on the strap? I hope someone can help me .Thanks
congratulations on your acquisition! Can you
10/18/2009 - 21:42
confirm that the case number is 428145? What does 595647 refer to? As for the Maltese Cross on the crown they started appearing in the 80s so its normal that your watch doesn't have it. as for the buckle you should have a normal rectangular buckle with a drawing of small Maltese Cross on it, but its really rare to find a vintage piece with an original buckle. Can you post a scan of your watch? Welcome to the Lounge  
Re: congratulations on your acquisition! Can you
10/18/2009 - 23:30
The case number is I  believe 428145  and the person I bought it off  stated that the manufacturer's serial no. was 595,647. Would be this the movement?.It  is an analog ,hand winding ,33mm in diameter including the crown and approx 4 mm thick.I'll try and post some photographs. thankyou very much for your prompt reply.