that is beautiful! looks like a modern PW that would have been made in
11/09/2011 - 10:14
the 50s-60s.  What do the numbers you provide correspond to? Can you please give the case and movement numbers? Would love to see more scans especially of the movement
Re: that is beautiful! looks like a modern PW that would have been made in
11/09/2011 - 16:31
the accent on the second E of Geneva is missing - isn't it possible that the dial was redone?  On the other hand the hands themselves look original and oxidated (well, just following Tick Talk's instructions on vintage watchesangel)
Re: My new Vacheron Constantin pocket watch.
11/09/2011 - 23:19
The back of the case says- model 4243/8 and serial number 353895....on the movement I have 497746....and it is a caliber 439/7 that is on the movement two times. As far as a redial i wont know that, is it bad if it is? It looks really good to me though. I never plan on selling it anyway, I am just glad to be a owner of a Vacheron. This is the first Vacheron pocket watch i ever seen in person ,so i bought it. Thank you all for the help and compliments hopefully i will have a wristwatch next.
Re: Re: My new Vacheron Constantin pocket watch.
11/09/2011 - 23:22
this is the caseback
Re: Re: Re: My new Vacheron Constantin pocket watch.
11/10/2011 - 05:15
Hi, The numbers suggest manufacture and casing in the 1950-1960 time frame. Joseph
Re: My new Vacheron Constantin pocket watch.
05/06/2012 - 01:19
Hi all i went to the Vacheron boutique today i bought this with me. After having the fine gentlemen check this out for me i was told that The movement does not belong to this watch, i was old that the movement i have on this is made of aluminum, but it is a vacheron movement. I still am happy with it but is this a downer? I would like to have the proper movement for this,is it worth my time? Or should i just keep it and find another. Thank you all. Btw i had a great experience at the Vacheron boutique today. I would like to thank the hour lounge for letting me know about this and i would like to thank Daniel and the staff for having me and providing me with their time and top notch service.
That is a real shame...
05/06/2012 - 03:50
The aluminum caliber 439 movement belonged to a very special series of all aluminum pocket watches made by V&C as presentation pieces to the Aluminum industry in North America; the Ref. 4348.  Physically it copied the standard caliber 439 layout, which would have been the appropriate movement for your Ref. 4243.  The shame of it is that an original aluminum watch was sacraficed and you won't be able to get a Certificate of Authenticity for your timepiece either. This is the standard calbier 439: Here is the aluminum caliber 439: For more info on the Aluminum Ref. 4348: click here to see the post.
Re: That is a real shame...
05/07/2012 - 01:51
I know i was told that i wouldnt get a certificate. Anyway my grail hunt will be to find an vacheron aluminum case and a proper movement for my 18k case. Any help would be great.
Best of luck
05/07/2012 - 04:08
Obviously, that will be difficult but perhaps a great learning experience.  My concluding advice is not to spend much time or money on this project as neither watch will be considered original so value will suffer.  You might consider selling the piece "as-is" (with a proper disclosure, of course) or parting-out the case and movement seperately.  Then you can seek out a genuine V&C yes.