My ref 4240 Battle Tested VC...

As promised, here are some better photo's of my ref. 4240 vintage VC. Thanks to Alex Ghotbi for identifying the watch type for me as well. I intend to get it fully restored after visiting my local dealer in Bond Street next week and update on how it goes. I also am taking up another users advise and looking into the possibility of purchasing a used overseas chronograph...though the only one I have found so far that I really liked had a moonphase in it....*PUKE*...enjoy the photo's!!

My ref 4240 Battle Tested VC...My ref 4240 Battle Tested VC...My ref 4240 Battle Tested VC...
That 4240 looks great and can tell some real stories!
02/01/2011 - 03:15
Its beautiful and obviously rugged piece! I don't recall any of the OS Chronograph variations having a moonphase.  Would you happen to have a picture of the one you saw? Best Regards, Dan
Re: That 4240 looks great and can tell some real stories!
02/01/2011 - 10:41

I think thegoose means this one:

with the day night indication.

Hi George, thats what I'm hoping for...
02/01/2011 - 11:46
otherwise TheGoose may be looking at a fake.  BR, Dan
Alex should know...
02/01/2011 - 22:16
I believe he had one "restored" by Vacheron in his diverse collection.  Ask him as he may have a few scans of what VC can accomplish. Miki
Remarkable! More Pics Please...
02/02/2011 - 00:13

Your watch has had some remarkable adventures, with you attached of course .  Can you post a picture of the inside case back, so I can view the markings?  It doesn't correspond to the usual 4240 or 4241 cases, which measure 35mm across and usually feature claw or teardrop lugs.  In fact, its very similar to the ref. 4539 time-only, which is 38mm.  The spacer ring visible around the movement certainly suggests a larger case.  I love these "exception to the rule" V&C watches!

agree with Dean, the case is surprising, can you either
02/02/2011 - 09:10
post scans of the case back or give us the numbers inscribed in it? Can't believe it has gone through so many adventures!!!!!
Re: My ref 4240 Battle Tested VC, History & more photo's!
02/02/2011 - 16:47
Hello all,     Below are some more photo's of the case as requested as well as another far more detailed photo of the back of the watch in which the serial number is visible HOWEVER, as far as I can see the only inscription on this case is "14" It looks like there may have been more somewhere else though it's worn down? I've also decided to give you guys a brief detailed history of the watch before I had it as well as after. Some of it is quite emotional, so please bear with me!    The watch was purchased by my Grandfather in Geneva on a business trip there in the late 1940's. The exact date...not sure. He died in 1967, long before I came to be and the watch then passed to my mother. It then sat in a safety deposit box until 2001 along with various other watches which passed down to my mother, including two IWC's and a solid gold Rolex which I've only worn once due to it's sheer size and weight....I don't like dragging my arm behind me! These watches, including the VC were given to me on my 21st Birthday as I've always liked watches and all I wanted for my 21st was a nice watch.     The watch has since protected the peace in Banja Luka in Bosnia for seven month's then Kosovo. It also invaded iraq and was the first watch to cross the Iraqi border from Kuwait when we got given the "GO!". It had also spent six month's in Kenya on exercise as well as six weeks in the jungles of Belize.     After another five month's in Iraq in 2007 and an interim period back in the UK, the watch, accompanied by me finally went to Afghanistan. on December the 5th, 2008 our vehicle hit a road side bomb and I nearly lost my right arm. I suffered a massive shoulder dislocation of 12 inches (24cm) and lost conciousness. I had no feeling in the right side of my body and one of the only things I could think of was if my watch was ok...However, I couldn't move what was left of my right arm to reach and feel the watch on my left. I couldn't see either as a piece of shrapnel had pierced my face and my eyes were caked in blood.    After being sent back to the UK remarkably, unlike ME the watch survived without a scratch.....thank goodness. After multiple titanium plates and various other goodies and a few nasty scars, I'm back to work and ready and willing to head back there again....WITH the watch on my hand once more!    As for the case, as far as I know it IS the original case that came with the watch although it has absolutely no markings on it that I can see OTHER than the number "14". There is what looks like used to be an inscription further down from that as well.  It fits the watch perfectly which gives me no reason to think it wouldn't belong to the watch although what do I know, I just wear the guys are the VC nutcases!!! :D    The condition as you guys can see is pretty good, there are some tiny scratches and the red 1, 2, 3, and 4 date markers are worn down and I'd love to have that restored. I havn't had a chance to go to my local dealer, which is in Bond Street in London yet but it's definitely on my to do list in the very near future!!  Here are the photo's......Please let me know your thoughts!
hmmm it is unusual for the watch case not to have
02/02/2011 - 16:56
markings buit that is something you can ask about when you send it for servicing and the watchmakers have a closer look. All I can say is: what a story! That watch was peacfully sleeping in a safe and then at the ripe age of 60 it started going on battlefields!!!!!  You've been in a lot yourself and glad to hear that you're still in one piece
Some thoughts...
02/03/2011 - 00:50
Certainly the movement is V&C.  Hard to tell about the dial as your camera doesn't take very good macro shots.  As far as the case, when this watch was made hallmarking laws were well established in Europe and America.  Not only should there be hallmarks, responsibility marks, casemakers marks and a six-digit serial number on the back, there should also be hallmarks and a 3-digit number on the case itself.  These markings were required by Swiss law.  I did see four numbers on the spacer ring which isn't typical of V&C.  Without the appropriate markings, I think it may be a replacement case.  As the perlage is still intact, I'm confident that the markings were not removed from the inner case back and, in any event, I can't image why someone would do that.  I suggest you have it tested for gold could even be brass! Please keep us informed as you learn more, and don't worry about the details too much.  It's personal history for you is what counts