My Visit to New Delhi Boutique

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During a break in the afternoon today, I took a half hour trip out to Vasant Kunj, the site of a brand new shopping mall, the DLF Place.  I am based in the middle of the city, in the India Habitat Centre (near Lodhi Gardens, a plush part of Delhi) and took a yellow and green tuk tuk (a moped with rear seat for 3, although I have seen whole families of up to 7-8 squeezed in) half way across the city, near the airport.

Plenty of honking and zipping through congested traffic later, I arrived at the mall.  Much of it is still under construction, and the gap between rich and poor is very evident.  Only a stone throw's away from the marble floored boutiques is poverty.  It has only been open for about 12 days.  Some of my pics below show the development going on.  The malls are on the left.

My Visit to New Delhi Boutique

My Visit to New Delhi Boutique

Next to the DLF Place is the DLF Emporio Mall, which has been open for 3 months.  The shopping mall is small sized by international standards, but inside are the prerequisite fashion boutiques (Dior, Armani etc) and upstairs are several watch and jewellery - JLC, Harry Winston, IWC, Chopard, and of course....Vacheron Constantin.

It is the first and only VC boutique in India.  Although it is a small shop, there is a reasonable selection, including the QDL and a touch screen ordering system.  Anand, the friendly sales assistant did not permit photos unfortunately.  However, I was able to spend a few moments discussing the QDL and also had the opportunity to marvel at a titanium Day Date model up close.  It was extremely light compared to my stainless steel Dual Time and delightful to look at the details.  I had a go at putting together my own custom model on the touch screen - very fun!  I was advised the waiting time is 3 months.  As I only have 2 weeks left in India, perhaps I will have to delay my order for another time...

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Thanks James, here are some photos of the
02/20/2009 - 12:34
boutique entrance PS: will we soon have another member to the QDI club?
Re: Thanks James, here are some photos of the
02/20/2009 - 14:55
Hi Alex, Thanks for posting the pics!  Were you in Delhi recently too? The QDI touch screen is now located where the mirror is on the right of the table in the second picture. As for my own custom QDI, it is currently just a dream watch...although it certainly would be something I would aspire to putting on my wrist as my next VC... Thanks again JAMES
Re: My Visit to New Delhi Boutique
02/20/2009 - 12:39
I had a chance to visit the same mall and VC boutique last month ! Quite frankly, I liked the mall very much (first of its kind in India), and liked the VC boutique. I have visited top watch boutiques elsewhere in the world, including VC in Singapore, and the New Delhi boutique is no less. Its almost as good, if not better.  I tried on the the same QDL's which you mention, and the staff were kind enough to give me several catalogues. :-) The only issue is that many Indians (especially the newly rich) do not know or understand VC.  They are still tempted by other brands that made their entry into the the Indian market earlier or are just generally well known from a different perspective.  Rolex, Omega, Tag, Frank Muller, Ulysse Nardin, Carl Bucherrer, Chopard, Cartier etc. etc.  VC is somewhat of a destination purchase, you go there because you want a VC, not because you happened to stumble upon it.   The VC staff in New Delhi also felt that not many people are aware of VC as they are for other brands. Besides VC, I thought some of the other boutiques were also world class - IWC, JLC, Cartier.
Re: Re: My Visit to New Delhi Boutique
02/20/2009 - 14:58
Hi kk! Thanks for your comments! Yes, Anand the VC sales assistant mentioned the same thoughts you raise.  He was quite excited to meet someone so passionate and knowlegeable about VC. I also agree the other boutiques are world class, with very friendly staff.  The selection of watches at JLC was very extensive, complete with plenty of literature and a regular JLC newsletter.  Best regards JAMES
Slumdog Millionaire
02/22/2009 - 20:06
Your comments on the contrast between the rich and poor of India are vividly brought out in this wonderful movie.  Hope it wins an Oscar!
it won 8!!!!!! (nt)
02/23/2009 - 11:12