Is my watch a Vacheron Constantin

I inherited  many years ago a Ladies Half Hunter watch in 18 carat gold serial number 11002 and an engraving dated 1877 to the recipient of the watch on the inside of the back cover.  It has the same fancy engraved watch back with a shield  similar to the watch on page 103 of Warmans Watch companion which made me think it is a VC although I cannot see VC on the watch.  It has a striking blue dial inscribed Tiffany and Co Geneva with a matching finely engraved front outer cover which matches the back cover.  The blue dial has gold roman numerals and the outer cover has a small round window with black roman numerals around the window.
Any help would be appreciated

do you have photos? However,
07/22/2013 - 18:37
if there are no isnscriptions on the watch at least a signed case then probably not a VC
Re: do you have photos? However,
07/23/2013 - 17:22