Mystery question: 1900 -1915 (in particular) the watchmakers blueprint

Recapping the wonderful 'quantum leap History of Vacheron Constantin' brought to this forum by the Inspiring Sir Alexander Ghotbi himself. Every member of this forum are most likely aware of the complications made from the 1900-1935 by Vacheron Constantin. But I am forever curious as to the origins of such great accomplishments such as 'The Boisrouvray' 1929, 'The Farouk' 1935 and 'Fouad' 1929. Yes we know the complications and it's divine beauty within. But do we know the blue print of such great artistry? With each individual piece taking more than a few years to accomplish and fullfil, where did the knowledge suffice to create such epic achievements? Now the reason for me finally deciding to have this courage of uploading this topic comes down to a recent inquiry into one of my own unusual Vacheron timepieces. I turned to Mr Ghotbi himself to share some light and grasp some answers for my curiosity. Thanks to Alex and the VC archives, I was given additional information for my Vacheron. But when you cross a ripple many more follow and thus questions start surfacing before my eyes. I have this unusual theory that my unusual Vacheron Constantin may have been a practice run. It appears to have the functionality of a chronograph, but have the basic complexities of that may be said of a complication. One would suggest a trial and error along with knowledge and skill create a unique design within any industry. I place my VC in the trial and error category. So back to the topic, the main question for this topic relates to the watchmakers bench, what were the tools, blueprint, pocket watches that was used to create such complications. Where there any refinement processes VC developed to creat a better possibility? The basic components that make up a complication have their own unique timepiece references alone. We can see that a repeater pocket watch stand alone as a defined complication but is only a component of a grand complication. So does anyone have any theory or knowledge on the making of such timepieces?
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06/25/2012 - 14:04
Corrections sorry Alex (Alexandre Ghotbi) iphone autocorrection :S
06/25/2012 - 18:12
I'm having trouble understanding your question.  To make a confession...I will often draft my posts first, then review and edit before finally posting (sometimes I'll even ask my wife, a non-WIS, to review for comprehension).  This is really necessary if the subject is an important or complex one, which yours may be!
I think the question comes down to: were the mega complications like
06/25/2012 - 21:20
The Farouk, Fouad or Boisrouvray thought out as mega complications or an assembly of individual complications. I can safely say that to make these mega complications were thought out and born as such, it is almost impossible to take a base movement which was not made to hold many complications and just add complications.
I'd be interested in seeing pictures of your watch
06/26/2012 - 05:04
If you believe it may have been made as a "practice run" for the ultra grande complication watches that you mention. BR, Dan
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06/28/2012 - 03:50
Please excuse my lack of ability to create a understandable topic as i am new to this forum. I wish to hopefully gain some knowledge or shared views on the 'blueprint of making complication pocket watches from vacheron constantin'. Now take my pocket watch for example. I have a independent second double barrel 8 day single push chronographic pocket watch movement. This one as explained by Alex have the pusher that stops the center second but doesn't have the functionality to press it back to 0 or a flyback. To my knowledge most complication pocket watches and chronographic pocket watches have this function. As time passes and technology developes, so does the functionality of a pocket watch from its previous existence. This vacheron constantin pocket watch which I will be uploading pictures of sometime this week, is very peculiar in its appearance but looking at its 'blueprint' , I came to the conclusion that it hides a resemblance to a partial layout of a grand complication. Could there be other ways to better understand a particular model created by vacheron constantin?
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06/28/2012 - 04:21
Isnt the answer to this question that most pieces and technology and ideas are blueprints for the future?  We always take the experiences of what we have seen and done previously and use them to help construct the future. Sometimes it happens (rarely though) that there is new technologicl breakthrough that does not resemble what we have done in the past but I am sure with these, the ideas were borne from the past. Doesnt this apply here?  for example does a 24 degree incline tourbillion use  the Breguet traditional tourbillon as blueprint?
Two-train pocket watch
06/28/2012 - 05:04
Is it similar to this 1913 independent center-seconds pocket chronograph?  The movement appears to be from a specialist but I'm not sure who yet.
Hi Dean, I've seen this watch before! ;-)
06/28/2012 - 06:41
The movement has intrigued me for a long time and I have seriously considered it before.  smiley
Mystery question, 1985 - 2012
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Tell me where this is from...
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LOL, good catch! nt
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