Mystery VC

I've been offered a beat-up VC, for which I've only been sent pretty bad photos.  Can anyone identify the watch?  It obviously needs restoration, question is whether it's worth it.  The movement number appears to be 737998.  

Mystery VCMystery VCMystery VC

If that POS is in Canada...
06/06/2011 - 06:25
call Customs and Excise 'cause fakes aren't allowed across the border!! Seriously, that is an oft-seen and very terrible fake. PLEASE spend some time here looking at posts and pictures so that you gain an eye for the real beauties ;-)
agree with Dean (nt)
06/06/2011 - 11:08


Re: agree with Dean (nt)
06/06/2011 - 13:23

Thanks for the prompt responses!  I was concerned about the watch being a fake,  but since I haven't actually seen the watch, and I'm relatively new to VC, I wasn't sure.  The guy advertised the watch on kijiji where a number of fakes are being offered for prices in the low hundreds.  This guy had the nerve to ask $2500!


Re: Re: agree with Dean (nt)
06/07/2011 - 22:03

$2500 !!!

It probably cost him $10.00

That watch is awfully dreadful to look at (nt)
06/06/2011 - 18:47