Does information about Napoleon's Vacheron(s) survive to the present day? Better yet, does his watch(es) survive to the present day? When I was learning about the pedigree of the various watch brands in order to pick out my watch (leading to my recent VC purchase), the two historical figures to have chosen VC (including watches under former names of the company) who really caught my attention were Napoleon and the Wright Brothers. Thanks to a recent forum post, I now have some information about the watch the Wright Brothers used. Is there any information available about Napoleon's watch(es)?
07/26/2010 - 13:56
Napoleon 1st wasn't really a watch collector and even if he did order watches from prestegious manufactures it was often to offer as gifts. The only verifiable and documented delivery of a VC to a Bonaparte was a minute repeating chronograph delivered in 1901 to  Napoleon Louis aka Prince Louis (1864-1932), his grand father Jérôme Bonaparte (King of Westphalia) was Napoleon I's brother. Voila!
Not to forget the watches of the 1955 Geneva Summit
07/26/2010 - 17:15
In terms of "historical figures" who wore a VC: In 1955 President Dwight D. Eisenhower of the United States, Prime Minister Anthony Eden of Britain, Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin of the Soviet Union, and Prime Minister Edgar Faure of France - known then as the Big Four met in Geneva  in order to find a way top reduce the general tensions and mistrust resulting from the cold war.  At this occasion a certain number of Genevan citizens offered the fours participants a timepiece from Vacheron Constantin with their names and functions inscribed in the back
Thanks! Fascinating info and pictures! (n/t)
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Were these photos from an old post....
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or do you happen to have that watch lying around the office? Bill
neither, found it in my hard drive :-) (nt)
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Re: neither, found it in my hard drive :-) (nt)
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What about the one for his empress?

unfortunately no photos (nt)
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What's all other celebrities watches against this? Forget Kennedy, the four below etc For me It would only be Winston S. Churchill's watch that could compare. Have a picture but can't find it. Anyway it was a Breguet he got from his father and later he bought another look a like. You have to look at my Winston instead Thanks Alex Doc
Churchill's Breguet...
07/27/2010 - 16:10
Who famous wore Vacheron Constantin watches ?
07/28/2010 - 10:58
Claude Monet, Henry James, William James, Marie Coburg, son of Tsar Alexander II.
to add to your list: Matt Damon in Ocean's 13 (nt)
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Winston comes up trumps as a stand-in for the other one!
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Whilst Doc is on holiday you can always rely on Winston and/or Pompe to keep the show on the road. You deserve a large bone, Winston. I'II have words with dad! Tony x