Need help in identifying and appraising this watch

Can you help me identify this watch. I believe it was made in the late 1960s. There are no markings on the back. It is 18K gold.
The band is new but it is a VC. The watch is in mint condition. Do I have to go to New York to get it appraised. I live near Washington, DC.  If you can estimate the value will you share your estimate?Need help in identifying and appraising this watchNeed help in identifying and appraising this watch
Congrats to a nice watch!
12/28/2008 - 10:32
This a classic watch from the late 1950's. It's I suppose cal.1001 ? We generally don't discus prices here. Firstly because that's a private thing and secondly you can hurt someone, or most of all, the prices depends on so many factors. It could easily be a double amount for an identical watch. It also depends where, which country and from where you bought it. VC's are generally very "cheap" at auctions in Germany! It also depends if you bought it private, from a dealer, a friend or at an auction. Anyhow there is a catalogue from 1997, with about 300 watches pictured and priced at auctions, in Germany, 80 of them are Vacheron Constantin. But do remeber that the prices, in my opinion are about half of what I think is the normal value, for most of the VC's, at least! I happen to own some of the models pictured, and have paid about the double and even more for some of them! Anyhow the catalogue is very cheap (sale) and intersting, that it's in Germanlanguage doesn't matter,  if you can't read German, because the text is only technical facts and the prices are in EUR.,showdetail,27814,d,1230452064-28210,uhren,3898803600,11,Tshowrub--uhren,.htm Once again congrats, and the value is how much you like it Cheers Doc
you normally have the ref number inscribed in the case back, you
12/28/2008 - 15:44
should ask a watchmaker take the back off for you. As for appraisal it is very difficult since as Doc said price can go from simple to double depending on the condition of the watch and it would be a good idea to go to NY and show it to pne of the auction houses there.
Re: you normally have the ref number inscribed in the case back, you
12/28/2008 - 20:42
Thanks to everyone so far. I found out it is from the late 50's to mid-60's and is a Caliber 1001.  If anyone can suggest an appraiser in Washington DC or New York I would appreciate it. Thanks again, Stephan
try one of the auction houses: Antiquorum, Christie's or Sotheby's (nt
12/29/2008 - 09:42