Need info about this one.-

Sorry for the inconvenience.- I'm trying to get some info about this watch.- The thing is that I can't manage to get an idea on how to ask VC an extract from the files since it doesn't look like to any of the collections already mentioned on the web page.- 

Any additional info will be welcome.- 

The watch belongs to my father and I'm not planning to sell it; just need to know what I have here.-

I beg your pardon for my english.- 

Welcome to THL Max!
07/20/2016 - 07:48

The watch is a Ref. 4523 with a Cal. 453 movement.

I believe it was made in between 1953-1955.

In order to get an Extract from the Archives, all you need to do is provide VC with both movement and case serial numbers.  I see that yoy have the last digits covered, so I'm sure you know where to find them :-)

Best Regards, Dan

Re: Welcome to THL Max!
07/20/2016 - 17:06

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and for your welcome.- 

The problem is that in VC webpage is mandatory to add a collection.- Don't know why.- Leaving a blank there does not allow me to continue with the process.- I might be trying in the wrong place I'm thinking...

well, thanks again,


That should be an IT mistake made in creating the webpage
07/21/2016 - 02:32

I would just wrtie "Patrimony" in that space.

When the information gets to a real person, it's only the serial numbers that are used/needed to create an Extract.

Your watch is of a period when there were no "product line collections" as there are now.

BR, Dan