need an urgent help from a brand's connoiseur

Hi everyone, I am Michel, a MBA student in Monaco. I am currently finalizing a report on integrated communication for the watch industry. To illustrate some theories, I have chosen the Vacheron Constantin brand.

Can someone help me please with the following information? wil close the project this weekend, saturday.

Market? size, segmentation, etc....

Target Audience

Who do they want to reach, who are there potential customers? how big is the target audience? demographic? age, groups, etc....



What media do they use? what message they want to give? how to reach their targeted audience? what is their media mix? which size of advertisement?




What is their unique selling point? what is their optimal media mix? OTS? what is the message they want to get remembered? what do they want to create in customer mind? How to strenghten, develop awareness, interest, desire, action? how to create the buying process? 



Features, functions and benefits






Measurement, feedback



Frequency of events in advertisement, when?


Budget approximatif in communication


I know it is a lot but thank to all for your help.


Kind regards



Hi Michael, these questions are better answered by the people at
03/14/2008 - 09:15

VC and not us the aficionados/collectors who are not involved in VC strategy making.

Vacheron Constantin does read this forum so maybe someone will answer you directly...

Re: Hi Michael, these questions are better answered by the people at
03/14/2008 - 14:31

Thanks Alex, that's what I thought....and thought it will be the fastest way to get info? thanks all for any help§ Michel