Need a winding stem and a generic crown for 1002

Good day all, need a winding stem and crown for a VC 1002. Just got this watch back from factory. A complete restoration including the stem and new crown $8000 plus up to 13 months to fix. VC would not do only selected service. All or nothing. Watch does not have any sentimental vaule other then a very nice vintage watch so if I could get the parts I may try to do it myself. Any Ideas were to find these parts? B/R
Unfortunately I have no idea where to get vintage watch components
06/16/2013 - 13:04
After much research: I know where to get vintage VC parts...
06/18/2013 - 01:03
About a year ago I came really close to a stunning 18kt. vintage Vacheron. It was a simple time-keeper,35.5 mm, small seconds, an original wave and rib guilloche' dial and a 453 movement. However it needed an original mushroon crown. After dozens of phone calls and Emails I discovered there was only one place to source original vintage VC parts: Back to Vacheron for a complete overhall ;-(