need your help on an article I'm working on. Why are you willing to

pay a premium for a platinum watch? What attracts you to pieces from that metal?

Thanks guys need your help on an article I'm working on. Why are you willing to

Dear Alex, unfortunatly, I am not going to help you a lot...
09/03/2007 - 18:53

...because I never bought a platinum watch nor any other watch LooooL.

But, to be honest, on the visual plan, I don't/can't see the difference between white gold (with rhodium) and platinum, these two metals are very similar for me.

For the moment, I would content myself with a steel watch or a white gold watch, but if I could afford, I would probably buy a platinum watch.

Why? Because platinum is a very resistant pure metal, and is nice brilliant white colour doesn't become blurred with time like with white gold.

Re: need your help on an article I'm working on. Why are you willing t
09/03/2007 - 19:50

Hello Alex,

I would say:

- the rarity and price of the metal

- the rarity of the watches made of platinum : new platinum watches are very often made in limited numbers.

For instance, I bought a while ago 2x VC Les historiques teardrop in platinum and sold them back well despite their small diameters (31 & 33 mm): they were both made in a limited seris of 25x ex.

I am still very fond of platinum watches: I also think the metal as a special appeal: heavier than WG or steel and with a certain brightness different from the 2x other alloys.

I recently bought a Jules Jurgensen pocket watch from the 1900s in platinum which was not so expensive but very nice.

See you,


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09/03/2007 - 20:13


I am ready to pay a premium for a platinum watch for the following reasons: 1) Mainly I much prefer the colour white to yellow or rose 2) I prefer platinum to white gold because it is a lot more scratch resistant (score 2x higher than gold on Vickers hardness scale) 3) I also like the idea of wearing a “noble” metal without it looking too flashy

I hope this helps!

Platinum premium, the allure>>>
09/03/2007 - 20:57
of the metal is a little magical--it is rare, valuable and very hard to work with(as anyone in metallurgy, watchmakers included), will tell you. I am not sure I really like the "look" of platinum better than rose gold(Doc has influenced my mind on this topic) but it is just unique and in being unique it has big value to collectors. As our fellow Loungers have already stated, the platinum watches are almost always limited and many times have a special feature added ( dial color, workmanship to the movement, etc) but the "gravity" of that dense noble metal is also a draw, somehow reminding you the wearer that this is a special, perhaps more precious piece in your collection. The only negative for me is that most Platinum watches only come in 30M water resistance or less but I would not travel to humid climates with such a watch anyway, so the point is not that important. Hope this helps a little. It is a Holiday here today, so I actually had some time to think. Best, Tim
Ooops, I forgot...
09/03/2007 - 22:07

...I forgot to mention that I should buy a platinium watch for the weight too, I don't like to wear heavy watches (titanium, etc.); I need to have the feeling that I have something around the wrist (especially when this thing costs Xk€ LoooL).

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09/04/2007 - 00:25

Hello Alex,

For me, the main point is the rarity of this metal, but also the better look and durability (through the time) than the WG (rhodium plated in many cases), and the purity as Pt reaches 950/1000.

That means you have less watches produced in that metal, even if not LE.

And as said by another Lounger, you have got another work or colour on the dial. All this brings to a more exceptionnal watch than gold to wear.

09/04/2007 - 00:31

Good question Alex.

For me in haute horlogerie the price has to be related to the complications not to the materials. The materials have to be chosen according to the design and to the purpose of the watch (dress, sport, diver etc...).

For me there are 3 key points when I choose a platinum watch :

- the weight and I love the watches which are heavy

- the platinum is used at 950/1000 so it's almost pure

- its stability through time

Sadly, I really have the feeling that some brands overprice their platinum watches...

Hope it helps !

Best regards.


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09/04/2007 - 01:00

Dear Alex

To me the most important reason is except for its purity the fact it is so rare and so apreciated by watch collectors

is the way I am attracted to it

I once had a modern pt Vacheron moon before which I sold

The beauty of the colour and this deep magic glow never left my mind

I had to have it again



confession of a platinum fan.....
09/04/2007 - 04:35

love it for :

1. heft

2. easy maintenance : more resistant to nick and less fearful of a little knock compared with gold

3. its white colour

4. emits natural brilliance instead of rhodium plated brilliance

5. a good watch should wear the best metal

6. rarity

I'm not.
09/04/2007 - 06:03
I don't pay the premium for the metal of a watch. And I shouldn't when I honestly perfer YG and RG. The exception to the rule is with my Mercator, and that was because I don't like the yellow gold dial on the YG watch. It had to be platinum. Bill
The following is my response:
09/04/2007 - 09:58

Platinum is significantly rarer than any other metal - if you had to take all the platinum in the world and fill a stadium with it, the total amount of platinum in the stadium would be very little (when compared to other metals).

Also, if you scratch platinum, that amount of quantity is not lost forever as in other metals - it is only displaced within the specific quantity. For example, a tiny scratch in a platinum watch means no loss of platinum, only displacement from one area to another, which could be rectified by an jeweller/artisan.  On the other hand, with gold, a scratch means loss of metal, and polishing does nothing to replace the lost amount.

I guess the above two are some of the compelling reasons to pay a premium over platinum. 

As of yet I have not done so (except for my wife). If I did,
09/04/2007 - 11:22

it would probably be because the watch companies often reserve their nicest dials for the platinum models.

My general rule for precious metals is that if a watch is available in steel, the manufacturer has decided that it is a steel-grade watch and it does not merit being purchased in a precious metal. When the manufacturer is convinced that it is a precious metal-grade watch, normally the watch is offered only in precious metal. By extension of that rule, I would buy a platinum watch only if the manufacturer had declared it "platinum grade" and did not offer it in gold.

thank you all for your insights. Very, very interesting :-) (nt)
09/04/2007 - 14:15


The weight of the watch ...
09/05/2007 - 15:59

The value for me would not be so important.

Only the fact to feel something very massive, powerful, yes, but I don't mind about rarety of metal.

Platinium has also a specific nice color, and this metal is able to be easily polished to correct little scratches. I allready used Ouator for cooper, or Mirror. This cannot be done on white gold !


09/04/2007 - 15:01

in my opinion, its scarcity value is attractive. I firstly thought about criteria, such as its pureness as well as its physical property, but other metals such as titanium can alter these characteristics. For instance, thinking of its physical advantages, platinum is resistant to alkaline and acid, and capable of reducing the risk of allergies, but so as titanium. But when it comes to satisfaction by owing one, which is rather intrinsic, there is nothing as satisfactory as platinum, thanks to its scarcity. In general, people prefer things that other people do not have. Hope this view will be helpful.

I'm not attracted at all !
09/04/2007 - 16:34

Dear Alex,

It's the only exclusive material that not attracts me, sorry to say.

All I have seen after some years, have aged much more than WG !

I prefer YG or RG, sometimes WG, otherwise stainless steel is a very nice metal



I haven't one so I can't say exactly the reason.
09/05/2007 - 06:17

But, I feel paying a premium for something is just a the result of pure marketing hype (AP ROO LEs are a perfect example). Luxury products have massive premium attached to them that even paying a discounted price still means paying a (lesser) premium. It's always people's habit to ask for a discount but certain pieces do get a premium. I guess it's because the owner wants it so badly/flush with cash/wealty associates have it so I gotta have one too in order not to lose face/just hit jackpot/winning streaks in stock market/bla bla bla...

1st it depends on the watch...
09/05/2007 - 06:39

some watches just look better in certain colors, or color combinations (particularly if somer dial colors or variations depend on the case metal you choose).  Case in point (no pun intended) I think that the Lange 1 Moonphase watches look much better in rose gold or platinum than in yellow gold.  But even then the rose gold watch has a certain warmth in appearance, sometime rose can even make a watch look more like a vintage piece, while the platinum is much cooler looking and maybe a bit more modern in appearance.  So in that respect it would depend on ones style, what they want to wear the watch with or how it appeals to them.

I personally favor rose gold, but my Father has 2 platinum watches, a JLC Master Antoine 8 Day, and a Lange 1 Moonphase.  Each watch looked really nice in rose gold and took on a very different look depending on the metal.  But my Father liked a few things, first the noticeable density and heft compared to gold, he likes watches that feel substantial.  The idea that the case is 95% pure platinum 950 parts per 1000, rather than being only 75% gold or 750/1000.  Finally, he liked that comparitively when mining the actual ore one ton metal from which one can obtain platinum, yields a tremendously small amount of platinum compared to a ton of ore containing gold.  To him the difficulty in both obtaining platinum and the difficulties in working with it as it is denser and less maleable than gold added value in the final product (at least to him).  Finally, he does have several yellow gold watches, and he thought having something dressy but thats not quite as "loud" as gold or perhaps platinum being more understated as only a WIS would know the watch is Platinum and rather than steel was a nice idea too!  Although, I still think he needs something nice in rose gold to round out his collection.

Hope this helps. 

Best regards,


thanks guys this is very helpful! (nt)
09/06/2007 - 10:45


Re: thanks guys this is very helpful! (nt)
09/09/2007 - 09:22

I was in Las Vegas several months ago at the Wynn and tried on a Lange Timezone in platinum. This watch is a nice big size, the dial layout was nice also. But what made me want one was the weight of it, it felt so good. I think thats why some people buy a Rolex daydate in platinum, for the weight and the exclusivity of that model. I have a white gold daydate with the glacier dial, for much less$, so the weight and all didn't push me over. For the time being I'm set even without a platinum watch. Though I have a Yachtmaster with platinum dial and bezel :>)

Alex, I am generally not willing to pay a premium for a platinum
09/06/2007 - 15:42

However, for a simple dress watch, I don't mind to pay a premium for platinum.  Simple reason, that premium will not be too high as the price for a YG, WG or RG  simple dress watch is relatively much lower when compared to a high complication watch.

For high complication watches, the "loading" for a platinum version will be relatively much higher.  I will settle for a WG for the similar visual effect.  No doubt, the weight for a WG watch is lighter.  But I can save the money to buy another good mechanical watch.  Why do I want to go for a platinum?