Neophyte on a Franken Hunt


I have been silently enjoying the discussions here, and have decided to take the first step into VC ownership. I recently graduated from college in the States, and consequently do not have a vast disposable income but I mean this as a graduation gift to myself. In my search for an affordable VC I came across a piece (ref. 31039/000J-3—images below). I put down a deposit not being able to spot many red flags on my own with regard to its authenticity, but I wanted to get the community's expert opinions. (I am open to suggestions to get other pieces as well.)

One glaring red flag that I might have overlooked is that the reference number on the listing did not match any results on the search page on the official VC website. Another is the claim that the warranty papers retain an open date, despite the watch being preowned.

Anyway, here is the Chrono24 listing and then a more detailed listing on the purveyor's website—no photographs of the movements as of now. The purveyor does have quite a few other VCs listed, with a wide range of production dates, if that provides any useful background.

Thank you all in advance, I will be checking here regularly. 

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Re: Neophyte on a Franken Hunt
05/18/2016 - 03:22

Ref. 31039 also seems to refer to this edition with Suleiman the Magnificent's tughra, but I am not sure what to make of this information. Could it be that the one I am looking to buy is a fake that has the identity of the Suleiman one attached to it to feign authenticity?

I am a Turk, the sellers are Greek, and here we are with the tughra of an Ottoman Sultan, this is getting very Dan Brownesque.

Hi and welcome to THL
05/18/2016 - 04:12

Ref. 31039 is from the 1990s Les Essentielles collection and long discontinued.  So the seller's claim that this is from 2016 and in mint condition is very suspicious.  At most, it could be New, Old Stock.(?)

Without an authorized dealer's stamp and date,  the warranty will not be valid and VC will not service it for free if there are issues with it during the card's stated warranty period.

The Ref. # refers to the design of the case, so different dials (with or without Suleiman the Magnificent's tughra) does not chang that part of the number.  It would change the "-3" at the very end of the complete Ref. number.

It is an authentic VC though.

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Re: Hi and welcome to THL
05/18/2016 - 16:40

Thank you for the warm welcome Dan, invaluable information and a great beginner's guide to figuring this out.

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not much to add other than welcome you to THL :-)
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Re: not much to add other than welcome you to THL :-)
05/19/2016 - 12:41

Thank you very much Alex :)