New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

I made this acquisition online a couple of weeks ago after a friend directed it to me (knowing my Vacheronista tendencies New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch).  The dealer was known to her and after doing some of my own research I found out that the dealer was fairly reputable.

The watch arrived at home last week but unfortunately I won't be home for another month! New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

The only pictures I have right now are from the dealer and shown below.  I'll be taking my own when I get the chance (I'm really looking forward to the time when the next "what's on your wrist" post shows up and I can show this CR in my hand.

I can't wait to get my hands on it!   The dealer says the watch is in excellent running condition and estimates the watch was made in 1908.   I'll be testing its accuracy and seeing how it performs.  If needed, I'll send it in to VC for servicing and while being serviced -  get a Certificate of Authenticity.  (Even if servicing isn't needed now, it will eventually - so sooner or later, I expect to get a CofA for it.

BR, Dan

New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch

nice watch
03/30/2008 - 09:59

it really is in great condition! Great find and wear it
03/30/2008 - 12:20

(in your vest) with best of health.

Thanks, I'm looking for the appropriate chains to do just that!
03/30/2008 - 13:10

I'm trying to find one for the vest and one for a trouser pocket that match the watch, ideally both in terms of age and style.

Re: New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch
03/30/2008 - 13:43

Just name "Cromometre Royal" makes me happy!



Thanks Leo, I feel the same way about 2 watch names:
03/30/2008 - 14:33

Chronometre Royal and of course, Vacheron Constantin! 

Dan, really wonderful!
03/30/2008 - 14:02

Very nice piece, at the beginning of Chronomètre Royal history.

Looks like in perfect condition. I imagine how diificult it could be for you to know it is at home while you are travelling...

You must be impatient to touch it, wear it, hear it ticking.

Wear it in the best of health

Thanks Anka...
03/30/2008 - 14:43

I'm in a hotel room today with free time (the weather outside is rainy and cold).  It helps that I can always go to the Hour Lounge and share the experience with others that appreciate it.

I feel very lucky finding this antique CR.  To be honest, it helps crave a desire I've had for a long time for the CR 1907 limited edition (with the red 12), but luckily this pocket watch was MUCH CHEAPER than the CR 1907.

I have a tuxedo that comes with a vest, so for events that call for a dress watch, this new addition would definitely be able to fit in, yet be a little different at the same time. 

BR, Dan

Re: New Acquisition - A Chronometre Royal Pocket Watch
03/30/2008 - 16:33

Congratulations, Dan.

Its a lovely watch and it looks to be in great shape too. It a beautiful example!

You'll have to change your initials to "CS" to match te engraving on the case :-)

Carry it in good health always.


Thanks Joseph, my last name begins with "S"
03/30/2008 - 22:33

and my wife has given me many nicknames, including a few that begin with "C".  I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you

Re: Thanks Joseph, my last name begins with "S"
03/30/2008 - 23:44

Well, in that case, I'll have to speak to some of my Chinese friends and collegues here in Toronto and see what they can come up with LOL!!!

Best Regards,


Classic and beautiful !!
03/30/2008 - 17:59

Seems to be in tremendous fine shape,

which many of them not are,

mainly because they were mosty sold to South America,

and the climate there, I have seen been rough to their movements!

This looks like it was made yesterday

Dan, I congratulate you to this beautiful watch.

and all those hours you will be watching the movement

No sapphires, and everything in natural scale,

that's the best with pocket watches!

Enjoy it!


Doc, you were an unknowing influence in the purchase
03/30/2008 - 22:42

You've mentioned so many times the value of vintage VCs AND the special qualities of pocket watches.  I listened and really started looking into them - THANK YOU!

I really appreciate knowing that the CR is a very technical watch.  (I studied mechanical engineering as an undergraduate because I loved complex mechancal systems).

Knowing this watch is 100 years old, has the technical complexity/beauty/simplicity, and is big enough for my aging eyes to still see the details will bring me great pleasure.

Best Regards, Dan

Differerent CR movements?
03/30/2008 - 19:33

Most CR pocketwatch movements that I've seen in the past had "Chronometre Royal" engraved on one of the movement bridges.  I've always wondered about the few that don't have these markings. 

Is the history of this PW known or can someone inform me on the Chronometre Royal pocket watch movements?

Good question, I honestly don't know...but would like to
03/30/2008 - 22:55

The provenance of the watch is not well known.  I know the dealer has been in the antique jewelry and watch business for 25 years in the U.S. with a very good reputation.  This is my first vintage piece, so I plan on getting a Certificate of Authenticity for it (for piece of mind if nothing else)

I also noticed that other CR PWs have "Chronometre Royal" engraved on the movement, but thought I've seen others that did not.  I do not know if all of them do/should.

I'd be interested in knowing the answer and if other, more knowledgable, Loungers, can reply to tick-talk's question - it would be greatly appreciated.

it could happen that some movements did not have CR written on
03/31/2008 - 13:51

them. Your watch dates from 1908 so its one of the very first!!

Chronometer Royal was exclusively made for
03/31/2008 - 00:53

the South American Market.

they were different in diameters and had different movements, marked with CR.

They all had 18 jewels.

They all were chronometer certificated, tested at the Geneva Observatory.

There were several "Clubs" in south America,

where members made monthly installments on their Chronometers

The names were patended, 1907 as "Chronomètre Royal",

and 1908 as "Royal Chronometer" !

In the 20's came a wristwatch Crononmeter Royal,

this movement wears the Geneva Seal.

That's about my knowledge


Doc I respectfully disagree on the fact thet the CR was made
03/31/2008 - 12:28

exclusively for the South American market. The latter ordered the vast majority (80%) of the production but it was available to all markets.

Congrats on the CR Dan!!!
03/30/2008 - 22:01

I especially like the Vacheron & Constantin gothic font in the back... and the movement is superb...

It will be hard to wait for it, but at least you already have some other beautiful VC to help you wait...

May it only time happy moments!!!

If you ever want to trade my 2 for your 1 just let me know :-) (nt)
03/30/2008 - 23:08
at least give me a chance to try it out ;-) (nt)
03/31/2008 - 14:44