New Chronometre Royal

Greetings!  Recently I purchased the new Bi-Retro, but upon learning of the new Chronometre Royal, I had high hopes of purchasing one, but thought it would be impossible.  As many of you had said when I purchased the Bi-Retro, it would not be my last VC. That has turned out to be true.  The journey has ended.  I just received a new Chronometre Royal. Unfortunately though, I must say goodbye to the Bi-Retro.

I must say that the VC Concierge out of NYC was a great help in locating the CR.  I spoke with them and they informed me of the dealers that had them in stock, which was only 3.  One was unwilling to sell over the phone, another was already accounted for, and lucky for me, the last one was still available. 

So I am glad to join Jim Eliott and JohnLy here on the board as lucky US CR recipients.  Through my conversations with VC and various dealers, I got the same information that JohnLy had previously noted.  There are 12 Royals for distribution in the US.   Seven have already arrived and five are scheduled to arrive.  Those five to arrive in the futrue are already spoken for.  With the three (now only two New Chronometre Royal) available in the US, I figure I was #5 in the US to receive one. 

It is a beautiful watch.  The enamel work is incredible and the red 12 is a beautiful accent.  I entrust it with marking special moments for hopefully many years to come. 


half of the US Chronometer Royal owners are Loungers!! Congrats on a
12/18/2007 - 22:26

wonderful timepiece. Wear it in good health 

Congrats on the CR!!!
12/18/2007 - 22:51

So Nathan you are one of the lucky few...

I'm sure not all will agree with me, but I applaaud your decision to sacrifice the Bi-Retro for the Chronometre Royal

While I really like the Bi-Retro, the CR really has that extra "je ne sais quoi", and for me it is a notch above the Bi-Retro.

I guess it still must have been a hard decision for you to let go of the Bi-Retro after such a short time?

Wear the CR in good health!!!

By the way, having almost bought a few times a 47112 in the US from Europe, I must say that I am surprised to read that an AD is unwilling to sell over the phone...

Re: Congrats on the CR!!!
12/18/2007 - 23:24

Thanks Veillotron.  Yes, I am glad that I was able to switch to the CR.  Althought i think the Bi-Retro is a wonderful watch.  Absolutely gorgeous.  However, i just couldnt get comfortable with the large size.  If it was in a 39mm case i would be first in line to get another one.  A great watch though, and was sad to sacrifice it.  Luckily I got a good deal on it when i purchased it.  But I never thought i would have the opportunity to get the CR, so I am very happy with the switch. 

It was a strange situation with the AD that wouldnt sell to me.  I spoke with them a couple times trying to work out a deal.  Then all of a sudden, he said he just realized that it was the only one he was going to get and he said he couldnt sell it to me. Thats it, no explanation.  Very strange. 

It could be that since it was the only CR he was going to get the AD
12/19/2007 - 19:14

wanted to keep it for a client he knew . It is not inhabitual for retailers to put aside ultra rare pieces for their regular clients who have a right of 1st refusal, in a way its the AD's way of thanking their custommers for their business.

looks like VC has a true winner! Congrats (nt)
12/18/2007 - 23:09


Congrats Nathan!
12/19/2007 - 00:26

May the watch time only happy moments for you in the years to come...

It is a real beauty and judging from the votes in our Lounge contest most of the Loungers are of the exact same opinion. If accepted by VC for production, I am sure to order our Hour Lounge CR limited edition...

I am sure your decision to let go of the Bi-Retro must have been hard. I think I would rather hold on to the Bi-Retro although I agree it is a bit large on the wrist. Last time I tried it on (last weekend in Rome) I thought a 39mm/40mm would be more suitable... I have not seen the CR in the flesh yet so I can't be 100% sure.

Anyways, both Bi-Retro and CR are VC's awesome novelties and so much different from each other... 

Congrats on your new Chronometer Royal....
12/19/2007 - 04:28

Its a really beautiful watch and very cool that you are one of only 12 in the US that will  have one! I hope to read some ownership impressions from you once you have had a chance to enjoy it and wear it.  Sorry your Bi-Retro had to go...but if I were in your shoes I'd  have done the same thing. 

Best regards and enjoy it.


Congratulations on the CR
12/19/2007 - 05:23

It is always a great feeling to be able to be part of the "lucky few".  It is a little sad that the bi-retro had to go (in such a short time) but the CR is probably the more "wearable" (versatile), and not to mention more exclusive, of the two.

Thanks for sharing your experience.  It is always fun to listen to the stories about "the hunt".  Do share some photos and feedback later on.

Again, congrats and wear your new CR in good health!!

All the best,


12/19/2007 - 09:02

CR is a splendid watch. Classic, elegant but yet contemporary in design. And on top it has its own history.

I'm still not aware of its price but hopefully I will eventually have my own HR edition.

"May this watch always show happy hours - for you yourself, your people, and the peace of this world." George

Congratulations and Great Choice
12/19/2007 - 12:05

Congratualations Nathan,

I think you made a wise choice on the CR, especially since I'm one of the few who are not a fan of the Bi-Retro. 

It looks beautiful and I hope it will be with you through all the good times in your life!

BR, Dan

now you're stuck. it won't be as easy for u to say "goodbye" to it ...
12/19/2007 - 12:07

being so much rarer and difficult to get. congrats and wear in best of health. do show us your pride.

Congratulations on the CR
12/19/2007 - 13:52

Its one of my personal favorites. I have compared the dial to the Lange anniv. and the patek (i think its the 5115) and they cannot come close to the quality of the CR....simply perfection. Wear it in good health.