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Hi all, 

I am new to this forum and I am so glad to have a place like this where true admirers of VC can get together and eplore the beauty of each VC creations! 

I recently acquired an antique VC, it is a verge fusee pocket watch. It needs serious work (it runs, but needs parts and a case). I am planning to send it to VC in Veneva (via Richemont) for a quote, but reading some old threads about pieces being lost, lack of communication, is it worth the hassle?

I want to keep it "classic", to show its age (aka I don't want it to look brand new) and I will make sure I indicate that. However I will be needing a pocket watch case, and I don't want it in gold, preferable silver or a cheaper metal than gold. Is this something I can specify? From your expert opinion, is this even restorable?

Details of the watch:
1830s Verge Fusee Pocket Watch
Serial Number: 37657

I have attach some pictures. Please add any feedback!

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01/27/2011 - 19:18
VC Restoration Rules
01/28/2011 - 01:07
Interesting, I have a picture of a virtually identical pre-1816 Abm. Vacheron Girod movement with a later serial number. I recently spent some time learning the process at VC's vintage restoration department at Plan-les-Ouates outside Geneva.  Your piece will be sent there for an estimate due to its age.  Upon arrival, it will be completely dissassembled and examined in microscopic detail.  The obvious problems, i.e., no case and broken parts, and not-so-obvious will all be listed by the receiving section.  It will then be sent to the restorations section for cost estimates based on returning the watch as close as possible to new condition.  They do not vary from original specifications in terms of case metal, design, or technology.  As the Service Director said, they are not in the business of creating spurious watches. Any required pieces will need to be handmade at great investment of time and therefore cost.  I witnessed a watchmaker hand punching a set of gears for a vintage watch.  An estimated 50 hours were required to complete just that one aspect of the restoration.  Another rare and complicated vintage piece was being attended to full-time by two watchmakers, again at tremendous cost. A new case could be custom made although I don't recall hearing of anyone actually going through with such an order...but I'd love to know about it!  Honestly, you are going to choke on the estimate and it won't be worth it in terms of the value after restoration.
Re: VC Restoration Rules
01/28/2011 - 01:34
Thanks for the feedback! I see you are a fellow Canadian!   Umm that sounds like a lot of work, and potentially a hefty bill.   Wow your watch does look identical to mine.  To be honest I'm not 100% sure if mine was in the 1830s or before.  Would be interesting to find out about its heritage.  When it was made etc.   Any thoughts on sending it to a reputable watch restoration place rather than VC in Geneva?