New member and collector: First post: The Maltese Cross

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I have been following this forum for a while and I thought it was about time for me to make a contribution. I am sure that I am not the only one that really love the way Vacheron Constantin use the Maltese Cross. 

It occurred to me that there could be more to the connection between our favorite Maison and the beautiful Maltese Cross than an old barrel component related to winding. It did not take long to find a good story here. Wikipedia tells the following story about the Maltese Cross:

*** In the 15th century, the eight points of the four arms of the later called Maltese Cross represented the eight lands of origin, or Langues of the Knights Hospitaller: Auvergne, Provence, France, Aragon, Castille and Portugal, Italy, Germany, and England (with Scotland and Ireland). The eight points also symbolize the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights: 1 to live in truth2 to have faith3 to repent one's sins4 to give proof of humility5 to love justice6 to be merciful7 to be sincere and wholehearted8 to endure persecution *** This ties beautifully well with the values of Vacheron Constantin and its collectors!

To me, this is very interesting. It reminds me of something one of the collectors said in one of the video interviews with Vacheron Constantin collectors in one of the video clips in the Hour Club. He told that he had never met anyone wearing a Vacherin Constantin watch who was a bad person with a weak personality. He described Vacheron Constantin owners as noble and honourable persons. This is fully in line with the original values of the Maltese Cross.

Well done, Vacheron Constantin!!!

Let me hear what you think!

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Welcome to THL!
08/13/2016 - 14:46

Some nice thoughts about VC owners, thank you.

Do you have a VC you can share with us?  If not, I have the feeling it won't be long before you get one. smiley

Re: Welcome to THL!
08/13/2016 - 16:01

Thank you, Dan! 

Yes, I have the Essentielles small seconds ref 92238. Sure thing - I have added a wristshot.

I will make a separate post about my next purchase ;-) I need some sparring...

Thanks Dalgaard, I like the dial and hands. :-). (nt)
08/13/2016 - 17:03
Re: Thanks Dalgaard, I like the dial and hands. :-). (nt)
08/15/2016 - 01:26

Thanks, Dan!


I read the article about your collection! Very impressive!!!

Great watch! Welcome to the Lounge :-)
08/14/2016 - 17:25


Re: Great watch! Welcome to the Lounge :-)
08/15/2016 - 01:27

Thank you very much, Alex!

Welcome to the Lounge & something on the Maltese Cross
08/13/2016 - 21:17

Hi Dalgaard,

The actual use of the Maltese cross may have been due to a symbol on the Huguenot banner--it may have begun with a massacre!


Check out this video:

Re: New member and collector: First post: The Maltese Cross
08/15/2016 - 08:02

Welcome to the club 

Re: New member and collector: First post: Overseas Model
08/17/2016 - 02:06

This is my first post to the  Forum. My first V & C dates back more than 65 years ago but I no longer have it. Just recently I aquired an Overseas model in Rose Gold on a leatther strap. It is the model prior to the new one that has the in house movement. I am a stickler for accuracy and I own watches from the "trilogy" of the three top Swiss brands. This watch is a time and date only and is absolutely beautiful. I have timed it for a week now comparing it to an atomic clock and its rate is fabulous. I measured it at +1.5 sec/day which for a mechanical watch is as good as it gets. I would have loved to afford the 5100 in-house movement of the new Overseas, but that will have to wait. For now I will say that this is one beautiful time piece with a very stable rate. Many thanks V & C.

Dan H

Hello Dan, from another Dan. Welcome to THL!
08/17/2016 - 02:32

We'd love to see pictures of your RG OS, including wrist shots 

Would love to see the other watches you have too! smiley

welcome Dan, gopd to have you with us and would love to see photos of
08/17/2016 - 09:54

your OS. I've been actually toying with the idea of a RG Overseas chrono...on a rose gold bracelet but don't know if I can pull if off indecision

I have confidence you can pull the RG off!
08/17/2016 - 10:12

I've been thinking (no thanks to you!) about the YG 223.  But there are other's on my list right now with higher/more timely requirements.  cheeky