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This is my first post and thought I would introduce myself and post a rather simple question I am almost embarrassed to ask.  I am an avid watch enthusiast who has a variety of watches.  While I wear mostly sport watches on the weekends and warmer weather I have an affinity for dress watches and smaller size watches in general.  One of my favorites in my collection is my Patrimony Classique.  It is the 36mm in rose gold with the 1400 caliber manual wind and display back.  What I really like about this watch is the warm elegant look to it.  While I love my Lange whose fit and finish is on par with my Vacheron this offers a stark contrast in elegance.  I just never grow tired of looking at the dial. 

On to my question.  I want to replace the strap with the same strap that is on it.  A black OEM from Vacheron.  On a business trip I stopped at the boutique in NY and had them order me one.  The strap they received was a shiny almost patent leather look.  Not like the one that came on the watch that was more of a matte finish.  How can I go about replacing this with the same strap?     
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