New Overseas Chronograph Gone Wrong

I revieved a new overeas chronograph as a gift last month and after 3 weeks the chronograph / stopwatch started to malfunction.

2 weeks later it stopped working entirely.

It has been with the VC boutique in London for the last 8 days. They anticipate that it will take another week to fix.

Should VC be offering to replace the watch as it has mafunctioned affter 1 month or should I accept a repaired watch almost as soon as I have it?

Sorry to hear about your watch problem
07/29/2015 - 04:13

Hi Chris, welcome to THL.

I'm sorry to hear about the issue with your OS Chronograph.

I don't know where the gift giver bought the watch, but it could have been sitting for awhile, and the lubrication oils may have dried out.  I have seen this happen before.

I would not be concerned with a watch repair.  Standard practice for normal service/maintenance is to take the watch movement completely apart (into each of its individual components), clean and inspect, then reassemble.  It will be properly oiled, adjusted, and calibrated (just like a new watch).  If there are any components that might be seen as non-spec., then they will be replaced as needed.

I'm sure this is what the VC watchmaker in London will do for you.  The movement is a very reliable, tried and true, so I would not be concerned about a design issue.

A new watch has a 2-year warranty, and any VC service also carries a 1-year warranty.  I believe (and hope) your watch will be working properly when you get it back.

Best Regards, Dan

Re: New Overseas Chronograph Gone Wrong
08/06/2015 - 02:31

I wouldn't worry about a repair vs. replacement as long as the warranty period is the same (which it should be).  As Dan mentioned, they'll take it apart and replace/fix anything they need to.  So you will basically have a brand new watch either way.  If it sat on the shelves for awhile, getting a new movement service now is definitely a plus.  I had issues with my VCOC after service at VC, but once it was addressed and back on my wrist, the negative memories definitely fade.

Re: Re: New Overseas Chronograph Gone Wrong
08/06/2015 - 18:16

...and NEVER wear it while you play golf...