new Traditionnelle with diamond indexes in live

I had the pleasure to see in the VC Boutique the new Traditionnelle in Pt with diamond indexes, and I was very much impressed by the Purity and the Beauty of this version.

Here is some shots (sorry for the quality as it was quite difficult with the ambiant spotlights).

new Traditionnelle with diamond indexes in live


new Traditionnelle with diamond indexes in live

new Traditionnelle with diamond indexes in live1

41mm is just too large for my wrist sad

Congratulations to VC and I am confident many owners will enjoy adding it in their collection and wearing this great marvel.

Best regards,



Very classy
12/09/2014 - 17:04

The diamonds are nicely discrete, and the view from the back superb heart

Thanks Dean
12/09/2014 - 20:21

another shot with "VACHERON" under the spot.

Thanks Dean


I confess I like ++++ VC straps with their inner alligator small scales : how comfortable they are.


this one could quentch my desire for a diamond watch...and no I'm not
12/09/2014 - 17:36

kidding, have been wanting a watch with diamonds for ages but never knew how to go about it laugh

A new trend for VC in 2015
12/09/2014 - 20:24


Some answers in about one month!!!


Would this one do?
12/10/2014 - 15:19

It has only one diamond though:

Would this one do?

Would this one do?

There was an add runing some time ago in France for a small car and
12/10/2014 - 16:42

it was taking place in a Gulf country. The son shows the car to his father who looks at it and says "not expensive enough my son" and the latter with a broken heart has to return the car.

With your watch I would say "not enough diamonds my son" but damn would I love a Batmanheart

Understood :-) I also like this one from this year's SIHH:
12/11/2014 - 07:00

Re: Would this one do?
12/10/2014 - 17:30

Ah, finally revealed heart.  You are amassing a wonderful vintage collection, my friend yes.

Speaking of diamonds, I remember this one with fondness:

 Would this one do?

Thanks Dean
12/11/2014 - 07:09

From a vintage VC aficianado such as you, I take that as great praise.

I have one last item waiting in the US that will complete my vintage collection wink.

Unless something comes up as a replacement/upgrade next focus is on a watch from this decade.  So I'm really looking forward to seeing what will be offered in a month!


Why must you torture me so, Dan?
12/10/2014 - 17:42

I love that Batman.  The dial texture is just so nice. I can even overlook the diamond as it is not too bling.  winkcheeky

Echoing Dean, yiou really have built such a beautiful collection of VC/V&C across the decades.  I am in awe.



thank you Robert
12/11/2014 - 07:12

You've created one heck of a collection yourself in a very short time period as well!

Your collection consists of some truly iconic VCs.

I thought you had already found your diamond watch...
12/10/2014 - 18:15

and the lifestyle that goes with it back in this classic post from 2009.  A piece fit for a Don.

I must admit...
12/10/2014 - 17:47

...the live pictures make this watch look much more attractive to me than the standard press scans.  VC really does a nice job with the diamonds so that this does not appear too flashy. In fact, in photos, it is hard to tell that these are diamonds. 

I would also have preferred this particular watch in a smaller size, say the 36-40mm range.  It is very dressy, IMHO, and a smaller size, especially with tht caliber inside would have been oh so nice for such a formal watch.

Thanks for posting these photos.



Re: new Traditionnelle with diamond indexes in live
12/11/2014 - 13:40


As you know, I saw the same watch and the same event and you already know my feelings.

But to clarify... If there is one Vacheron Patrimony that is exquisite above all, its this one.

It really is something to behold.

It's such a beautiful layout of the dial with the thin discrete baguettes. and the movement is really the icing on the cake.

I think VC hit this one right on the mark...a pile-poil!



"Exquisite": well said JB
12/11/2014 - 14:11

A must Have for sure

Warm regards my friend,