Newbie question on the numbers on VC Overseas dual time case back

Dear Fellow enthusiasts,

I purchased the VC overseas dual time model yesterday (my first "high end" watch purchase) and i am loving the watch and it's fit and finish.  I was looking at the passport booklet on page 5 which identifies the watch.  On the caseback on the bottom right the number correctly matches the case number in the passport.  However on the bottom left of the caseback there is a number 47450 what is this number? Is it the movement number? because the movement number printed on page 5 of the passport is 5175802 so should this number match with the case back?

Any advice or piece of mind will be much appreciated to save me a trip back to my AD, many thanks in advance



Congratulations on a lovely watch. 47450 is the ref...
06/19/2011 - 19:52

...number, identifying this as an Overseas Dual Time model. The movement number (which you shouldn't publish BTW) will be engraved on the movement itself i.e. inside the watch case.

I'm sure everyone on the Lounge would be interested in your thoughts on your new watch (and some scans). Have fun wearing it.

Oh, and welcome to the Lounge


Re: Congratulations on a lovely watch. 47450 is the ref...
06/19/2011 - 20:56

Many thanks Edu!

I love the watch it was a 28th birthday present to myself.  My collection consists of Rolex sports watches (a sub 14060M and a black SS daytona) but the craftsmanship of Vacheron is on a different level IMO.  I wanted my first "high end brand" stainless steel sports watch and the dual time ticked all the boxes.

I did have my reservations though, because of the 42mm size I was worried that the watch would be uncomfortable on my slightly skinny wrists but when tried the watch on it hugs the contours of the wrist beatifully.  I love the bracelet design of the watch too, it felt heavier than the oyster bracelets but just as, if not more comfortable when on the wrist.  The overseas bracelet has seriously got to be one of the most attractive and comfortable bracelets on the current market IMO. 

Another reservation was the lack of an in house movement, especially at this price point.  However, I am a fan of JLC too and they make brilliant movements and I would like to think that VC optimize and decorate the movement to a higher standard? I set the watch to an atomic clock and its running -3 seconds after 24 hours which is obviously within COSC specs although I do usually prefer my watches to run fast rather than slow.  Will the watch speed up over time?

I probably will not bother to get the watch regulated as I want to enjoy the watch on the wrist :) It was the beautiful design and craftsmanship which drew me to the watch and here are some pics attached, apologies the poor quality they were quickly snapped off my blackberry.  I think the watch looks better in the metal than in pics anyway :) many thanks I hope you like the pics

congrats on your great new watch and for sharing: the caliber
06/19/2011 - 22:16

is finished an modified to VC standards.

your watch may loose or gain time during time so you may want to test it again sometime down the line.

welcome to the Loungeyes

you are in trouble my friend! Once..
06/20/2011 - 11:31
you buy a VC you'll want to soon get another one :-) wear ^your Overseas in best of health
06/21/2011 - 06:04

Yup, that's a beauty!  A friend of mine has the dual time overseas, and I admire it grealty.  I opted for the OS Chronograph, but I really like all of the Overseas models.  The 42mm size looks like a good fit for your wrist, IMHO.  The quality of these VC timepieces is just unbelievable.  Enjoy it!



06/21/2011 - 12:28

The watch looks very good on your wrist.  Looks to be just the right size.yes

I have the old model chronograph but I have to say that the design of the new OS is head and shoulders about the old one.  Let  me know if ever you want to trade.wink

Hope you have many fun and trouble-free moments with your new beauty.

All the best,


Many thanks guys :)
06/21/2011 - 21:44

Thanks Alex Ghotbi :)

Many thanks Space Ace, I would love to buy another VC but the watch fund has depleted after the OS Dual time purchase, however I usually aim for a watch per year so maybe next year can save up for another.  Which would you recommend? The Quai de l'Ile Date range look very special although I must say I normally prefer stainless steel bracelets even though I appreciate the finest dressier watches will come on leather or rubber straps etc

Thanks Respo and Kazumi,

Yes i think the watch wears slightly smaller than 42mm probably because i am used to seeing a Bezel on my sub but the VC sits on the wrist flatter and really hugs the wrist beautifully.  It feels noticeably heavier though but gives the watch a very high quality feel.

The OS Chrono does look incredible although my AD only had the white dial model in stock and the expected delivery of the next black dial model would have been October 201, but to be honest I already have a Daytona so wanted to try something different and had fallen in love with the OS Dual time.  I did briefly look at the Audemars Royal Oak Dual time watch but the Vacheron beats it hands down IMO in both looks and comfort and I believe they share the same movement too.

I am based in England, UK so how much will I expect to pay for a maintenance service down the line? would the service intervals be 5 years or less?

I'm butting in but am a HUGE fan of the Quai de l'Ile it is my
06/22/2011 - 12:47

favorite VC model. Its contemporary, extremely well made, versatile, beautiful, fierce and has a strong personality heart

I used to have an all palladium date model, but sold it to finance a titanium/palladium day/date model