No reason, just because... :-)


and that's reason enough :-) Thanks for sharing these beauties
08/14/2014 - 11:51


Re: No reason, just because... :-)
08/14/2014 - 13:38

Nice VINTAGE collection Dan. Enjoy wearing all of them. Have you some wristshots or pocketshot ;-))

Best wishes,


Your wish is my command
08/15/2014 - 06:45

Hi Liger, this was just an impromptu picture, and I've posted wristshots of these pieces before...but here you go:  (I took them out this morning and took some shots just for you)heart





Re: Your wish is my command: THANK you
08/15/2014 - 08:36


They have their own design and all fit very well on your wrist/hand.

A great collection. Enjoy wearing all of them more often ;-))

You made my day.



I consider that photo required viewing.
08/14/2014 - 20:11

It beautifully illustrates decades of beautiful Vacheron & Constantin design -- all simple time-only pieces but each distinctive in its own way.  Those four pieces make for a wonderful collection, and I love this family portrait.

Of course, there is one watch there after which I am lusting, as you know.



Thanks, these were the ones I had on hand yesterday morning
08/15/2014 - 05:51

They were in a VC travel wallet (which was used for the black background of the picture).  I took them out to put back where I store them, and decided to take a quick reason, just because smiley

They span from 1945-1978

BR, Dan

Gorgeous watches.
08/15/2014 - 10:53

Nice combination and is it correct that we have one steel case, one case in silver and 2 in gold?.

The one with small seconds is that housing the automatic movement P498?

Thanks for taking the time.

All the best Kent.

Thanks Kent, you are almost 100% correct.
08/15/2014 - 12:45

You got all the metals correct: 1 silver, 1 steel, 1 yellow gold and 1 pink gold.

But the sub-seconds watch is a Ref. 6110 Chronometre Royale with a cal 1007/BS.

I have a few themes that I try to hold to for my collection (ideally most, if not all, can be simultaneously satisfied):

1. Primarily simple watches.  I think creating something simple, but elegant, is much more difficult than designing something complicated.

2. Chronometry focused (including Chronometre Royales)

3. Use what I consider to be the best VC calibres from the Brand's illustrious history.

4. Watches from different decades, starting from 1900.

5. No repeats.

BR. Dan

Thanks for your reply, Dan.
08/16/2014 - 08:43

(Hi Kent, I edited your post to add lines to improve formatting, no content was changed.  Dan)

Interesting rules you have made for your collection. Have you managed to stick to them or have you been tempted along the way to focus differently?   


I must admit that I was more or less certain that your watch didn't have the P498 automatic caliber. The reason for the question is as follow: On page 157 in "Secrets of Vacheron Constantin" is this statement:   "In 1955, the year of its bicentenary, one of the world's most prestigious watchmaking firms could at last proclaim that it was also the longest established in continuous activity.


Georges Ketterer contributed a preface to an elegant volume entitled "Les maitres des heures", which traced the history of these centuries of excellence. As a fitting celebration, the firm unveiled two limited edition wrist-watches, one of them Automatic, with dials decorated with a large Maltese cross (ill. page.159)."  I have never seen this model with the P498 (the only automatic caliber from the fifties with small seconds) The design of the watch looks to be the same as your model except for the dial. I was hoping that your watch was with the P498 so that at least one existed. This is not to say that the P498 is better than the 1007/bs but the P498 is certainly more rare. The 1007/bs is an incredible movement and it is so beautiful finished.


The P498 is more a rarity and I see it as a step towards the the 1071-1072 caliber. Could it be a mistake in the Secrets of Vacheron Constantin book (the information is not mentioned in Les maitres des heures / Milestones of watchcraft book). A mistake if it is a mistake? like the one on page 252 "The Chronometre Royal also became available in the form of a gold wrist-watch"   


All the best, Kent   


Ps. Sorry Dan that this is so difficult to read. The new version of THL is a nightmare on my computer. I can't seperate the lines and when posting photos the text places itself where it wants to. I'm in despair frown

Re: Thanks for your reply, Dan.
08/16/2014 - 11:24

Hi Kent,

As with most things in my life, the more I understand myself...the more I know what I really want.  enlightened

With VC, I've found it necessary to focus on what turns me on the most, simply because there is so much to choose from and I am on a limited budget for watches. sad

Luckily, my rules have really helped me focus and enjoy my collection more than it has hindered it - so I do not consider them to be constraining.  Because of this, I have been able to stick to my rules for the most part.  I love each of my watches individually, plus how they come together as parts of a collection that speaks to me.

I've read about cal 498, but have never seen one in person.  As you said, they are rare.  But I like cal 1072 even more because it was the final evolution of this design.  Similarly, I think Cal 1007/BS and Cal. 1008/BS were the final evolutions of the cal 453/454 design.  I also like the Balance Stop design that is unique to the cal 1007/1008.

1955 was the first year that this case and "quarter Maltese Cross" lugs were introduced.  It looks like VC used this design for several references starting that year...most noticeable now in the Historiques 1955.

BR, Dan

Cal 498
08/16/2014 - 16:33

I went back to my database (which is not authoritative, just a compilation of data I've accumulated over the years) and see that cal 498/499:

12” round calibre, automatic (rotor-winding), center seconds, Parechoc shock-absorber  (*may be early version of cal. 1019?).  21 jewels, 5.4mm thick, based on JLC cal 493.

VC’s first rotor winding caliber 499 (sub-seconds) and exclusive to VC and Audemars Piguet. Developed into VC caliber 1019. introduced 1955.


Cal 1019: 13''' Developed from caliber 498 (sub seconds) and 499 (center seconds) 1957. 21 jewels


Cal 1070: 12” round calibre, automatic (rotor-winding), seconds at 6 o’clock, Parechoc “Kif Flector” shock-absorber.  Introduced 1959.  29 jewels, 5.5mm thick.  Also based on JLC cal 493.

Cal 1071: Center seconds equivalents of cal 1070, introduced 1959.  29 jewels, 5.5mm thick.

Cal 1072: Center seconds based on cal 1071, introduced 1963. 29 jewels, 6.3mm thick.

Cal 1072/1: with Gyrmax balance, introduced 1966. 29 jewels, 6.3mm thick.

Re: Cal 498
08/19/2014 - 17:19

The cal. 498 is certainly an interesting V&C movement, being the first full-rotor automatic to follow the bumper-winding cal. 477, and having the small seconds subdial - certainly a transitional style.  I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone with pictures of the elusive cal. 1070 with small seconds!!  

From my website, here are some details of the progression:

Cal. 498: 12” round calibre, automatic (rotor-winding), seconds at 6 o’clock, Parechoc shock-absorber, Jewels: 21, Overall Height: 5.40mm, Vibrations: 18’000.  Based on JLC 493 ebauche exclusive to V&C and Audemars Piguet.

cal. 498


Cal. 499: 12” round calibre, automatic (rotor-winding), center seconds, Parechoc shock-absorber, Jewels:  21, Overall Height: 5.40mm, Vibrations: 18’000.  Based on JLC 493 ebauche exclusive to V&C and Audemars Piguet.

cal. 499


Cal. 1019: 12" round caliber, automatic (rotor-winding), center seconds, Jewels: 21, Overall Height: 5.40mm, Vibrations: 18'000.  Introduced in 1957, based on JLC 493 ebauche exclusive to V&C and Audemars Piguet.

cal. 1019


Cal. 1070: 12” round calibre, automatic (rotor-winding), seconds at 6 o’clock, Parechoc “Kif Flector” shock-absorber, Jewels: 29, Overall Height: 5.50mm, Vibrations: 18’000.  Introduced 1959, based on JLC 493 ebauche.

(no picture available)

Cal. 1071: 12” round calibre, automatic (rotor-winding), center seconds, Parechoc “Kif Flector” shock-absorber, Jewels: 29, Overall Height: 5.50mm, Vibrations: 18’000, introduced 1959 and discontinued with the introduction of cal. 1072.

cal. 1071

Cal. 1072: 12" round calibre, base cal. 1071, automatic (rotor-winding), date with instaneous changing, center seconds, Parechoc shock-absorber, Jewels: 29, Overall height: 6.30mm, Vibrations: 18’000, introduced 1963 and discontinued circa 1972.  Note: non-date versions of previous cal. 1071 were also marked as 1072 from 1963.

cal. 1072


Cal. 1072/1: 12” round calibre, base cal. 1071, automatic, date with instantaneous changing, center seconds, Gyromax adjustable balance, Parechoc shock-absorber,Jewels: 29, Overall Height: 6.30mm, Vibrations: 18’000, introduced 1966.

cal. 1072/1


The 107x family was to be followed by what I'll term the first "modern" automatic, at least in terms of aesthetics; the rather ungainly cal. 1096 surprise

Thanks for the additional info and pictures!
08/20/2014 - 04:24

welcome back, I imagine you were off on another adventure.  :-)

missing 1071 pic
08/20/2014 - 06:00

Here it is:

cal. 1071


You're right Dan, Mrs TT and I were at the lake...


Formatting issues
08/16/2014 - 11:35

Hi Kent,

I edited your post to add the lines that you were having difficulty with.  I did not change your content at all.

I've had similar experiences in the past when trying to post using my iPad and IPhone, but those were resolved with the new THL website.

I've never had a problem with formatting when posting from my computer, so your issue is the first time I remember hearing about this type of problem.  Would you mind telling me what operating system and web browser you are using?

For pictures,

1. I've found that I have to go to the "+ Add Image" tab and upload all my pictures. 

2. Then I go back to the text and place the cursor where I want the picture to be located.

3. Then I go back to the "+ Add Image" tab and insert the picture I want in the location selected under Step 2

I hope this helps?

BR, Dan

Thanks Dan, for editing my text and for your advice.
08/18/2014 - 11:52

This is just a test where I'm trying your suggestion.

A photo of my Ref 4870 from 1955 with cal P498 completely disassembled. I didn't do it myself smiley  TESSST It's better, thanks. But compared to the old version it is more complicated. In the old version you just put your cursor where you wanted the photo to be and then you inserted the photo. The new site forget where you have put your cursor and you have to go back to the text and do what you already did once. Besides that the quality of the photos are not on the same level as in the old version and you can't enlarge them as much as one used to be able to. Photos that I have put up in the old version (where they were looking fine) are unfocused in the new version and has nothing to do with the quality I made them in. I'm sorry to be so negative but the worst thing is that I can continue for a long time about problems with the new site. I have tried to download different browsers and it didn't change anything.Life for me used to be simple when posting and I enjoyed to see other THL members photos, enlarging them and studying details. For me the thrill is gone. Your are indeed a wise man concerning how to view your collection and I believe also how to live your life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers Kent After I have pushed the preview button all looks bad. The text is not organised as I have done it in the box where we insert your text / photos and makes your layout. It looks horrible. And worst of all I can't do anything about it. If it is as normally then it will look fine on my smartphone and awful on my computer. I'm so frustrated angryand I used to have this feeling cheeky or this smiley           
Re: No reason, just because... :-)
08/16/2014 - 08:06
Thanks for sharing Dan!

Beautiful collection of time pieces.

Thank you! (nt)
08/16/2014 - 11:36